How to Avoid Blacking Out While Weightlifting

Fainting while lifting weights is one of the most common reasons why people do not perform their exercises properly. There are many causes which may lead to it, but here are some of them:

1) You have been using drugs or alcohol.

If you have used any drug or alcohol, then you must avoid such things before your exercise session.

2) You have been suffering from depression.

Depression is known to cause fainting due to its effect on the nervous system. If you suffer from depression, then you must take care about your health and exercise regularly.

3) Your heart rate has increased suddenly due to stress or anxiety.

Stress and anxiety can cause high heart rates due to increase blood flow in the body.

4) You have had a recent surgery.

How to Avoid Blacking Out While Weightlifting - GymFitWorkout

Surgery can cause sudden rise in heart rate due to blood loss. If you have undergone surgery, then you should refrain from exercise immediately after your operation.

5) You have suffered from a stroke or other brain injury.

Stroke and brain injuries can result in sudden fall in heart rate. Therefore, if you are suffering from any of these conditions, then you must abstain from exercise immediately after your accident.

6) You have had a recent illness or injury.

People who have undergone recent illness or injury must not exercise immediately after their treatment. They must let their body get adjusted to its new condition before resuming exercise.

7) You have suffered from high fever or food poisoning.

High fever or food poisoning can also lead to decrease in heart rate. If you suffer from such conditions, then you should defer your sessions until you have fully recovered.

You will feel more energetic.

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