How to Develop Iron Grip Strength for BJJ

The following is a list of the most common grip strength training tools:

Barbell – The barbell is one of the most popular and widely used weight training equipment. Barbells are commonly used in many sports such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, strongman, etc. However, it does not have any specific purpose for martial arts or self defense. Most of the time, people use barbells for general fitness purposes.

For example, if you want to get stronger and build muscle mass, then using a barbell is not going to do much good since your muscles will just grow larger than those of someone with no exercise at all. You need to train your grip strength in order to develop a better grip so that you can actually pick up heavy objects without breaking them.

Grip Training Tools – There are several different types of barbells available today. Some are flat bars which have handles and some are with knurled surfaces. These two types of barbells require slightly different techniques because they require different hand positions when gripping the barbell. You can also get specific types of barbells which focus on your grip strength.

One type is the fat barbell which has a larger diameter than average and requires a very tight grip in order to maintain control over it. Another type of grip training barbell is the pipe barbell which has a smaller inner diameter than average, so you will need to apply a tighter grip. These types of barbells can really strengthen your hands and forearms quite fast. These are especially good for martial artists or anyone that uses their hands and grip strength on a regular basis.

Grip Plates – Grip plates or power grip plates are special types of weight plates which have a very large diameter and smaller thickness than average. These are used for building strength in the fingers and wrists. The average weight of a grip plate is from 1 to 25 lbs. There are some specialty types of grip plates such as the curved barbells, fat bars, etc.

Most are made of metal or a high-strength polymer material.

Grippers – Grippers are among the simplest types of grip strength training tools. These tools are specifically designed for strengthening your fingers, forearms, and wrists. Usually, grippers have handles which you hold between your fingers and palms. When you squeeze the handle, it closes two metal plates which grasp onto one another.

How to Develop Iron Grip Strength for BJJ - GYM FIT WORKOUT

The harder you squeeze, the tighter the two metal plates grasp onto one another. The tighter they grasp, the harder it is to open. There are different types of grippers with different levels of difficulty. Many people start out with a beginner gripper and work their way up from there as their strength increases.

Grip Strengtheners – These tools are designed to help strengthen your grip without actually developing any other muscles in your body. Usually, these tools have a handle with small metal or rubber pins which stick out. When you hold the handle, the pins push into your fingers and palms. The more you use it, the stronger your grip becomes.

Sledgehammers – Sledgehammers are large and heavy hammers which are most commonly used in construction and demolition work. These tools can be purchased in specialty stores or on the internet. They are usually made of metal or hardwood with a specially designed handle to help increase your grip strength. These types of tools can be used for building strength in your arms, shoulders, and back muscles.

Towels – Using a towel can help you develop a stronger grip. You can either get a thick bath towel or a regular sized towel. Then, fold it over several times to increase the thickness. When you hold the towel, it will be thicker than the regular bar that you are using for your exercises.

By gripping the towel and flexing, you will be working your forearms and upper back muscles more than with just a regular bar.

Tennis or Golf Ball – These are two simple tools that can be used to develop your grip strength. A tennis ball is good for working on your finger and hand muscles. A golf ball is better for working on your wrist and forearm muscles because of its larger size.

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