How to Plan and Cook a Week’s Worth of Healthy, Tasty Meals

How to Plan and Cook a Week’s Worth of Healthy, Tasty Meals: A Family Weekly Meal Plan

The following are some ideas about how to cook healthy meals for a week. You can use these recipes as inspiration when planning your own weekly meal plan. These are the best ways to prepare nutritious foods for the whole family.

Weekly Meal Plan For Families: What To Eat And When?

Here are some tips on preparing nutritious food for the whole family. Some of them will be new and some will be old traditions. All of them have been tried many times before and they work every time! Here are some suggestions:

1) Make sure to eat breakfast and lunch together at least once a day.

Breakfast is usually the most important meal of the day. If you don’t eat it together, then you won’t get any nutrition from each other. Lunch is equally important since it provides energy for working all day long.

2) Choose vegetables and fruits over meats and sweets whenever possible.

Meat and sweets contain too much fat which makes us feel hungry later in the evening or during the night. As a result, we end up overeating again.

3) Only drink as much alcohol as you can handle.

Drinking too much alcohol will dehydrate you and can also ruin your sleep cycle completely.

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4) Eat dinner early enough so that you don’t feel hungry and can go to bed immediately afterwards.

Ate too late and you will eat again since you didn’t feel satisfied from the previous meal. This leads to overeating… again.

5) Cook your own food whenever you can.

When you prepare your own food, you know exactly what is in it. Eating out or buying pre-packaged meals are often too expensive and contain too much fat, sugar and other harmful chemicals.

6) Have fun when you eat and chew your food carefully before swallowing.

These are often forgotten but eating can be a great joy if done properly.

And here are some family meal plans for balancing different types of nutrients:


Mushroom and Spinach Omelet: This delicious omelet is high in protein and low in fat. (Calories: 200, Protein: 20g, Fat: 6g)

Egg and Tomatoes: Another delicious yet simple meal. It is low in fat but high in nutrition. (Calories: 140, Protein: 13g, Fat: 4.5g)


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Tuna and Cucumber Salad: A delicious and nutritious lunch if you have the ingredients. (Calories: 300, Protein: 40g, Fat: 5g)

Grilled Chicken with Olive Sauce: Grilled chicken with a delicious Olive sauce is delicious and nutritious at the same time. (Calories: 300, Protein: 40g, Fat: 5g)


Beef with Olive and Tomato Sauce: A delicious and nutritious dinner. (Calories: 300, Protein: 40g, Fat: 5g)

Crab Cakes with Mustard Sauce: Crab cakes are easy to cook and taste great with mustard sauce. (Calories: 300, Protein: 40g, Fat: 5g)


Cashew Nuts: High in fat but delicious and nutritious too. (Calories: 700, Protein: 50g, Fat: 70g)

Sliced Tomato with Hard-Boiled Egg: Hard boiled eggs are not only nutritious, but delicious too if sliced finely and served with a slice of tomato. (Calories: 200, Protein: 20g, Fat: 10g)


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Chicken and Tomatoes in a Pot: A delicious dinner that is also very nutritious. (Calories: 200, Protein: 40g, Fat: 5g)

Baked Fish with Lemon and Olives: A delicious low-fat meal. (Calories: 300, Protein: 40g, Fat: 5g)

As you can see from the meal plans above, it is very easy to eat a nutritious well-balanced diet as long as you plan your meals in advance.

Eat well and stay healthy!

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