How to Prevent and Treat Cauliflower Ear (and If It Means You Might Always Be Single)

Cauliflower ear is a common injury among BJJ practitioners. There are many theories about what causes it, but no cure yet. A few things have been proven to help with cauliflower ear:

1) Use cotton wool pads under your ears when training or competing.

They will keep out dirt and dust from getting into your ears. Cotton wool pads are available at most martial arts stores or online.

2) Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing.

Tight clothing will squeeze your ears and cause them to hurt worse. Wear loose-fitting clothes that don’t pinch your ears.

3) Keep your head up while training or competing so the air can circulate better around your head and ears.

When you’re standing on one leg, try not to let it touch the ground too much when bending over or sitting down. This helps reduce pressure on your eardrums during training or competition.

4) Don’t wear tight-fitting sports bras.

These can squeeze your ears even more than cotton wool pads. Try athletic shorts instead of sports bras if possible. Athletic shorts will allow you to bend over without having your legs touching the floor.

5) Practice good ear hygiene!

Wipe your nose before coughing, sneezing, laughing or talking loudly to yourself. This will help remove any foreign objects from inside your ears and prevent them from irritating them further.

6) Hang your head over the edge of your bed and let all your hair down.

How to Prevent and Treat Cauliflower Ear (and If It Means You Might Always Be Single) - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Grab all of it with both hands, and hold it straight out from your head. Let go slowly. As your hair falls, it will “ring” like a xylophone. Listen for a “beating sound” as certain notes will indicate issues in that area of the ear.

These can be caused by ear trauma, ear wax, or other things.

7) Never try to remove ear wax from your own ears.

You can push dirt and wax further into your ear canal, or puncture your eardrum if you aren’t careful. Go to a doctor or an audiologist for proper treatment.

8) If you’ve had cauliflower ear for years, seek the advice of a professional about possible treatments to fix it.

How to Prevent and Treat Cauliflower Ear (and If It Means You Might Always Be Single)


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