How to Use Sandbag Training For MMA and Combat Sports

Sandbags are used for various purposes. They have been used for centuries in many parts of the world. They were originally made from stone or other hard materials but today they are mostly made out of plastic, rubber, wood and even metal. A typical sandbag weighs between 20-30 pounds (9-15 kg). These bags can be easily transported over long distances due to their light weight and small size. They are usually filled with sand which makes them ideal for carrying around. When properly stored, they will last for years.

The main purpose of using sandbags is to increase your resistance when performing hand-to-hand combat (HTC) techniques such as chokes, armbars and joint locks. Another use of sandbags is to improve your endurance during heavy workouts. You can also use sandbags for general fitness and body building activities.

How To Use Sandbag Training For MMA And Combat Sports?

It’s time to get into the details about how to train with sandbags for MMA and combat sports. There are two types of sandbag training: free-weight and weighted. Both methods work well depending on what type of exercise you want to do with it. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way to getting the body you’ve always wanted.

Choose your filling. This is pretty straightforward, you just need to decide whether you want a heavy bag or light bag. A heavy bag will give more resistance when punching, but will weigh you down when you are trying to run or do other types of exercises. A lighter bag will not weigh you down as much, but you will need to punch faster when doing striking exercises to get a good workout out of it.

Choose your bag. The next thing you will need to do is choose the size of the sandbag you want. The most common sizes are half-gallon (4 lbs), gallon (8 lbs), 2 gallons (16 lbs) and 3 gallons (24 lbs). The bigger the bag, the heavier it will be and the more it will cost. The smaller bags are cheaper but they are not very effective for most workouts.

For sandbag training you will need a bag that is at least 4 lbs or heavier, but if you really want to get a good workout you should go with a 8 lbs or heavier bag.

Fill your bag. Once you have chosen your bag, you will need to get it filled. You can get the sand at any local farm and fleet or home depot. Most sporting goods stores that sell the bags will also fill them for you at a small cost.

That’s it! Now all you have to do is start training. The most important thing is to use good form when doing any exercise. This will help prevent injuries and improve your workouts. The next section will explain the proper form for some of the most popular exercises you can do with a sandbag.

Sandbag Exercises

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The first thing you need to do is choose your goal.

Are you trying to get stronger, bigger, leaner or just overall better conditioned?

Answering this question will help you know which exercises to focus on and which ones to leave out. Here are some of the best exercises to get you started on your sandbag training:


The best way to start any workout is with a good old fashioned sprint. This is one of the most basic forms of exercise and for a good reason. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your overall fitness. To perform a proper sprint you will need to start by warming up properly. Next, find a flat and straight path that you can run on.

It’s best to pick a trail or something similar so you don’t trip or stumble. Once you have found your route, start the timer on your phone and get going. You need to set the timer for however long you think you can sprint in seconds. For example, if you think you can run a minute straight, then set the timer for 60 seconds. Once the timer starts, start running as fast as you can. You need to run as fast as you can the whole time and you are not allowed to stop unless if something is really wrong.

If you are new to sprints or have not done them in a long time, it is best to start with 10 second sprints with 30 seconds of rest in between. Once you can do 10 straight then move on to 20 seconds, until you are ultimately running a full minute. To make this workout harder, you can add a backpack full of books. The weight in the pack will increase the amount of resistance you are pushing against with every step you take, ultimately helping you get stronger and faster.

Burpees are an exercise that works on several components of fitness including strength, power, stamina and even a little bit of speed. It is called a conditioner because it will improve several aspects of your fitness level all at once. The reason it is used in military training is because it works almost all of the muscles in your body while requiring you to be in an almost constant state of exertion.

To perform a burpee you will get down in a standing position, like you are going to do a push-up. Then you will go down and put your head to the ground and then kick your legs back into a push-up position. From there you will do a push-up, then bring your legs back up to your hands. From here you just stand up. That is one rep.

If you are new to this exercise it is best to start with just doing the movement slowly to get used to it. The more you do it the faster you can do them. Continue to do as many as you can until you start to feel fatigued.

The lunge is a great exercise that works your legs and hips while strengthening your core and increasing your balance. To perform a lunge simply stand with your feet together and take a large stride forward with one leg and then drop the knee of the other leg to the ground. Make sure to keep your head up, your back straight and push from the heel of your foot. You should feel this in your quad and hip of the front leg and your calf and hip of the back leg.

Increase the difficulty of this exercise by adding weights or by increasing the distance you travel with each step. Hold a weight in each hand and keep your arms straight throughout the movement or increase the distance you move with each step.

The burpee pull-up is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a combination of a burpee and a pull-up. This exercise works your entire body and will help you improve several aspects of fitness including strength, power, stamina and even a little bit of speed. You can perform this exercise with or without weights. If you are using weights make sure to choose one that is light enough for you to lift your knees up to your elbows.

To perform this exercise you are going to start in a standing position, then you will need to perform a squat and tuck your knees up to your elbows. From here you will hang from a pull-up bar and lift your knees to your elbows at the same time. Then return back to the standing position and repeat.

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This is a plyometric workout, which means it includes exercises that use your quickness and explosive power. It will improve several aspects of fitness such as strength, speed, agility, balance and even endurance. This type of training helps to increase how quickly your muscles contract and relax.

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