Hunter Bennett

Hunter Bennett 3 Light Ceiling Fan Manufacturer: Hunter Bennett Model: 3L Series Type: Electric Fans Material: Metal Weight Capacity (lbs): 8.2 Power Consumption (Watts): 2.6 Speed Rating: 10 Noise Rating: 40+ Warranty Period: 5 Years Price (USD): $299.00

The Hunter Bennett 3L Series is one of the most popular models among home users due to its low price tag and high performance. The 3L series comes in three different sizes; the standard model, which measures 12 inches wide and 11 inches tall, the medium size measuring 14 inches wide and 13.5 inches tall, and the large size measuring 16 inches wide and 15.5 inches tall.

Each model has two speeds; slowest speed at 0 RPM and fastest speed at 20 RPM. The 3L Series is made from metal, so it will last longer than other types of fans.

The 3L series comes in a range of different colors; white, silver, black, light oak, dark oak, cherry, and medium oak. For the white and silver color, the 3L series has a polished chrome feature.

The other models do not have this feature. As an additional option, the 3L series can be purchased with a light kit. All Hunter Bennett fans come with a 5 year manufacturer’s limited warranty for maximum safety.

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