Instant Pot Massaman Curry

Instant Pot Massaman Curry Recipe:

The name “Massaman” means “the one from the island”. There are many different types of massaman curry recipes.

They all have their own unique taste and texture. Some of them are very spicy while others are milder. All of these variations make it difficult to compare the quality of massaman curry with other dishes because there is no standardization among them.

In Thailand, massaman curry is a popular dish served at weddings and special occasions. In India, massaman curry is a favorite dish of most Indian families.

Massaman curry is also known as chicken masala or chicken tikka masala. In Indonesia, massaman curry is called kadul makan in Bahasa Indonesia. The word “massamana” means “one from the island”.

There are several ways to prepare massaman curry. You can use instant pot or stove top method.

Both methods work equally well. The main difference between both cooking methods is how long they take to cook the ingredients. Instant Pot is faster than stovetop method but not as fast as pressure cooker method.

The following massaman curry ingredients can be used to prepare this delicious recipe.

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