Intermediate Vigorous Yoga Series: Revolved Half Moon

The first thing that needs to be known is that there are two types of half moons: Full Moons and Half Moons. A full moon occurs when the moon’s light reaches the earth at its fullest point. When it gets dark, the moon will disappear completely from view because its light won’t reach us anymore. On average, a full moon lasts between one day and three days depending on how far away it is from our planet. You may have seen a partial or even a total lunar eclipse, but not both.

Half moons occur when the moon’s light is blocked by clouds, mountains, buildings and other objects. They last anywhere from five minutes to several hours depending on where they are located in relation to the Earth.

These half moons appear smaller than their full moon counterparts due to the fact that they’re only visible during daylight hours.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people say that a quarter moon appears larger than a full moon, it’s because the moon looks bigger when viewed from behind something. That’s why if you look up at the sky while standing on your head, you’ll see that the sun seems to be moving toward the horizon.

If you were to stand on top of Mount Everest and looked down at yourself, then you’d probably notice that your feet would seem smaller than they actually are.

To those who aren’t aware, the moon also has a cycle called the blue moon. The blue moon occurs when an additional full moon appears in a month and can be seen in the same year.

This only happens every two or three years and is why it’s called a blue moon. If you’re a superstitious person, then you might take this opportunity to go outside and stare at the moon.

On a side note, the blue moon is also known as a honeymoon. When a man and a woman first get married, they are said to be on their honeymoon.

This term is believed to have come about in the early twenty-first century before mass communication became an everyday occurrence. In those days, most young couples didn’t have wedding photos taken or even knew how to use a video camera. As a result, couples had to rely on their parents to describe how they looked while standing at the altar during their wedding. If the bride’s parents were of the upper class and didn’t care much for their son-in-law-to-be, they would usually exaggerate how unattractive they thought he looked.

They might say something like “You should have seen how big his head was. It was about three sizes too big for his body.” As a result of this type of big-headed behavior, the couple would receive a card or even a letter with “Congratulations on your blue moon” typed on the envelope.

Since the wedding was traditionally held around the time of a full moon, people assumed that it also occurred during a blue moon. If you ever receive a letter in the mail that says something like “Happy blue moon,” then you can be sure that what is written inside will be good news.

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Enough with the rambling, what’s important now is that it’s a clear sky. The stars are bright and the moon is full.

Hopefully, you made the right decision to go outside at this particular time. If not, there’s no point in reading any further, because nothing out of the ordinary will happen to you tonight.

You arrive at your destination a few minutes earlier than expected. Your friends are still in their cars arguing over where to go exactly.

Since you have nothing better to do, you sit down on the curb to wait. As time passes, more people arrive and the arguing begins to die down. You notice that a lot of people are staring at the sky and pointing at something.

What could they be looking at?

You stand up and spot a shooting star whizzing across the night sky. It is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. At this rate, you won’t need to look for the satellite. The shooting star is all the celestial event you’ll ever need. You wish upon it just in case and make a secret vow to yourself that no matter what happens you will never forget this moment.

A short man dressed in an orange and brown hunting jacket taps you on the shoulder and says “Hey kid, make a wish.” You turn around to thank him and realize that he is not real.

He is a ghost.

His name is Menmu and he died earlier that day in a car accident while driving home from his job at a sporting goods store. He was only 28 years old.

At the time of his death, he was on his way to meet some friends at the park where you are currently standing.

You can’t believe your eyes. This kind, gentle man is actually talking to you.

He must have a message for you, something important that you must do for him before he can move on to the great beyond.

Oh, what should you do?

A) Agree to help him and see what he needs. There’s no way he would bother you if you didn’t need to help him for a reason.

B) He’s a ghost.

What could he need from you?

He’s already dead, after all.

Intermediate Vigorous Yoga Series: Revolved Half Moon - GYM FIT WORKOUT

C) He needs help, of course, but you don’t know how you could possibly assist him.

D) He isn’t real and you should just ignore him.

E) He isn’t real and you should just leave before he scares you even more than he already has.

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