Intuition: Sensing and Using Energy

Intuition – Sensing and Using Energy

Sensing vs Intuitive Thinking

The word “intuition” comes from the Latin word intus, which means mind or soul. It was originally used to refer to the powers of the human mind, but today it refers specifically to mental abilities such as those possessed by precognitives (those with extraordinary ability to predict future events), clairvoyants (those able to read minds) and other types of psychic phenomena.

In the past, these kinds of abilities were considered paranormal, but now they are widely accepted as real skills that can be learned through practice. However, there is still disagreement over whether any one type of psychic ability is superior to another. Some experts believe that all types of psychic ability have equal validity; others argue that some types are better than others.

While many people use the term “psychic” when referring to someone who possesses psychic abilities, most people do not actually mean that person is a psychic. Instead, they usually mean that person has extraordinary powers of perception or insight into the world around them. A good example would be someone who sees ghosts or spirits in everyday situations. Such individuals may even be called clairaudient (or clairsentient) because their perceptions are often accompanied by feelings of touch and other physical sensations.

There are a few people who can actually predict the future or see into other people’s minds. If there were more of them, the world would be a better place. There are probably several reasons why there are not more of such abilities; perhaps the biggest being the fear and skepticism that most people have of these sort of powers, along with the outright hostility displayed by many against anyone displaying such powers.

This hostility towards genuine psychics has probably prevented many from developing their full potential. In the past, many genuine psychics faced religious persecution from a world that did not understand their powers. This is most likely the reason why we rarely hear about any modern-day psychics. Most of them have either learned to hide their abilities or stopped using them altogether.

But what about the ones who don’t stop? Are there angry mobs of villagers with torches and pitchforks headed their way?

Not really, but there are other dangers that are far more subtle.

For example, what does it mean to have genuine psychic powers? How does one know they are not simply deluding themselves and that their powers are nothing more than trickery or self-delusion? Are such powers limited only to a select few or are they available to the average person as well?

Most modern-day psychics do not claim to have ALL the answers (which is good, because they would be deluded). However, there are some who DO claim this. These people are almost always frauds, deluded idiots, or self-proclaimed gurus who want to take advantage of the ignorant.

And this is why genuine psychics tend to remain hidden. Not because they fear witch-hunts or religious persecution, but because they fear becoming corrupted by the greed and stupidity of others. Such things are not only dangerous to the genuine psychic, but to those around them as well.

Are you a Psychic?

So, you think you might have real psychic powers?

Well, we won’t know unless you take the test! Below is a list of statements. Read each statement and decide if it is true or false.

When I wake up, I know what time it is by looking at the clock even if I don’t check the time on my phone before I go to sleep. I have to blink twice to see the words on this page. If I concentrate, I can stop the beat of my heart for up to 30 seconds. If I concentrate, I can make the lights flicker by thinking about it really hard. When I touch certain objects, I get an image of a past event in my head.

When I stare at this page, I can see tiny words at the corner of my eye that disappear when I look directly at them.

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