Is My Slow Progress TOO Slow

Is my slow progress too slow?

The answer to this question depends upon your definition of “too slow”. If you are talking about how long it takes you to accomplish something, then yes, your slow progress is too slow. You could say that you have made great strides forward in your life but there is always room for improvement. However if you are talking about how much time it takes you to achieve what you want, then your slow progress is not too slow.

What does it mean when someone says their slow progress is too slow?

It means they feel like they are wasting their time because they aren’t accomplishing anything with their lives yet. They might even think that they will never get out of the rut that they currently are in.

If you feel like you are wasting your time, then you need to start making changes. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make improvements or getting things done.

But if you don’t see any way out of the rut that you are currently in, then it’s best to just stop right now and do something else instead.

Your life isn’t going anywhere so why waste all your energy trying to change it?

Just go back home and sleep off whatever hangover you had last night!

Is slow progress better than no progress?

Yes, it is definitely better than no progress because the journey towards your goals still counts towards the bigger picture. It’s easy to look at someone who is successful in life and think that they had an easy ride to where they are right now but that isn’t always the case. Everyone has setbacks in life and you just need to learn how to deal with them.

Even though you are making slow progress towards your goals, you still need to push through and be persistent. You don’t want to give up now because giving up means that all the work you’ve put in so far is a waste.

Think of how many people would love to be in your shoes right now. They wish they had the determination to keep going like you do!

Slow progress is still better than no progress. Keep doing what you’re doing and things are going to start falling into place for you eventually.

You’ll get there eventually.

Slow progress is still better than no progress meaning

Slow progress is still better than no progress meaning, the phrase that explains how someone can be making slow progress but still be ahead of someone who isn’t making any progress at all. There is a lot of wisdom in this saying because it shows that slow and steady can win the race.

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But it isn’t always the case that slow and steady wins the race, some people just give up before they see any results.

In the case of success in life, slow and steady can win the race because if you set small goals for yourself and achieve them one by one then eventually those small goals will add up in your favor. Someone who doesn’t set goals for themselves may stagnate and not move forward in life at all.

This is why the phrase slow progress is better than no progress meaning is so powerful.

The first thing you might be wondering is how small your goals need to be in order for them to count towards your progress.

Do you need to break down each day into separate mini-goals or can you just have one big goal and break it down from there?

The answer is you can set your goals up anyway that you want. Some people find it helpful to set mini-goals for themselves while others prefer to have one big goal in mind and break that goal down from there. It’s all about how you find things to be most motivating for yourself.

But just because you are making slow progress doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still push yourself to do more than you did the day or week before. Don’t just settle into a routine and go through the motions each day.

You should constantly be challenging yourself to do more than you did before.

It seems contradictory that the phrase slow progress is better than no progress meaning would also include the advice to constantly challenge yourself but it’s true. The reason for this is because if you aren’t challenging yourself then it is very likely that you won’t see much progress in your life at all.

It isn’t enough to just go through the motions each day, you really do need to constantly step out of your comfort zone in order to improve yourself. This will allow you to challenge yourself mentally and physically in order to achieve things that you didn’t think you could before.

This is all part of what makes the phrase slow progress is better than no progress meaning so true. Don’t get so stuck in a rut that you fail to improve your life at all.

Always try to do more than you did before and you’ll see slow progress in your life over time. Just don’t get too obsessed with challenging yourself all the time or you won’t have time to take a break and actually enjoy the progress that you are making in your life!

Slow Progress is Better than No Progress – But is it Better than Fast Progress?

Many people get so caught up in the idea of making slow progress in their life that they don’t take into account if they made fast progress instead. Now I’m not talking about speeding things up through illegal methods or short cuts. What I am talking about is the fact that slow progress isn’t always better than fast progress and here’s why.

Sometimes fast progress trumps slow progress any day of the week. Let me give you an example.

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Say you have to walk to some place that is 10 miles away and you have the choice of walking there at a normal pace or running most of the way.

Which one would you choose to get there?

Well most people would likely choose to run most of the way there because they would get there a lot faster than if they chose to walk at a normal pace.

Everyone faster than normal pace is better in this situation. It’s not just a matter of getting there either.

If you walked at a normal pace it would take you all day to get to where you are going. You would have to stop to rest several times along the way which takes even longer than just walking at a normal pace.

Yes, you would eventually get there but it would take a lot longer than if you ran most of the way there. The same can be said about making slow progress in life as opposed to fast progress.

In some cases fast progress is better than slow progress any day of the week.

Making slow progress when fast progress is called for just means that you are going to have to work a lot harder than you really have to in order to achieve your goals.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t strive to make slow progress in your life at times?

No, not really.

There is nothing wrong with making slow progress every once in a while. Everyone needs to rest sometimes and taking it easy every once in awhile won’t hurt you.

It’s when making slow progress becomes your normal way of life that it can become a problem.

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Make sure you make time to rest, but also make time to make some fast progress in your life as well. It will help you to improve yourself faster and allow you to reach your goals a whole lot sooner.

Just don’t get so obsessed with fast progress that you fail to take the time to enjoy life and rest along the way!

Always keep this phrase in mind the next time you are trying to improve yourself and your life because it is true. Slow progress is better than no progress indeed!

Your Friend,

Earl Turner

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