It’s Not the Years, It’s the Miles: Training After 50

It’s not the years, it’s the miles!

The first thing to do when you reach age 50 is to stop training. You need to get your body back into condition before you start training again.

You have been lifting weights since you were 15 and even though you are now 51, it still feels like it was yesterday that you started working out with weights.

As you’ve gotten older, your muscles have become less defined and if they ever were, they’re definitely no longer as thick or bulky. Your arms aren’t quite as long anymore either. But what really matters is that your heart rate hasn’t gone up much and your blood pressure isn’t too bad either. That means you haven’t had any major health problems from being sedentary all these years.

Your legs don’t look so great either, but at least you have some good ones left. And while your back doesn’t look great, it’s not too bad either. So you think you’ll just keep doing what you’ve been doing and see where it takes you.

But then one day…something happens…and something changes…and something else remains the same. Something big and something small….

But that’s another story.


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