Join Us for a Twitter Chat with Olympic Weightlifting Coach Nick Horton

Nick Horton is one of the most respected coaches in weightlifting. He was born in Poland and trained under his father, a world champion weightlifter. After graduation from the University of London, he worked at the National Training Center (NTC) where he coached some of the best European lifters such as Jan Janssen, Marko Prelevic and Danilo Pantic. Horton then moved to the USA where he coached the American team at the 1996 Olympics. During his time there, Horton helped develop many of today’s top weightlifters including Ryan Hall, Tom Peeters and John Kuchar.

In 2000 Horton returned to Europe to coach at the NTC again but this time for Team GB. He won gold medals in both Athens and Atlanta which were followed up by silver in Sydney. Horton left the British Weightlifting Federation in 2010 to take over as head coach of the German national team. Since then he has guided them to three World Championships and two European championships.

Horton is known for his innovative training methods and coaching style. His main focus is on developing elite level athletes and he believes that all aspects of training should be integrated into a single system. As a result, Horton is an expert in the field of strength and conditioning. He has worked with sportsmen from other disciplines including rugby, tennis, football and athletics.

In this session, Horton will give you an insight into how he coaches weightlifters. He will talk about his own training philosophy and how he implements it with his lifters. You will learn how he structures a weightlifters training from the moment they walk into the gym to when they are in the middle of a competition. You will also have the chance to ask him any questions you may have about training for weightlifting.

Don’t miss this opportunity to speak with one of the best weightlifting coaches in the world.

You can tweet your questions to Horton using the hashtag #AskNickHorton. We will collate the best ones and put them to him during the session.

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

What is your approach to periodization and why do you think it is effective?

What are your views on specialized training for other sports?

How did you coach Jan Janssen to be such an outstanding lifter?

What are your views on supplements? Should weightlifters take them?

What are your top 3 tips to becoming a better weightlifter?

We hope you enjoy this special event! Don’t forget to send in your questions using #AskNickHorton.

Nick Horton will be speaking from 11am-12pm PST (4pm-5pm EST). We look forward to chatting with you then!

Please note: Nick Horton will be speaking in Pacific Standard Time.

Join Us for a Twitter Chat with Olympic Weightlifting Coach Nick Horton - | Gym Fit Workout

The hashtag for this event will be #AskNickHorton.

We hope you can join us!

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