Keep Moving Forward: Knowing When to Run, Walk, or Crawl

Keep Moving Forward: Knowing When to Run, Walk, or Crawl

The following are some of the reasons why you might want to keep moving forward:

1) You don’t have much time left.

If you do not move quickly enough, your life will end soon. Your family may die too.

2) You don’t like what is happening around you.

You feel helpless.

3) You want to make sure that your loved ones survive the coming chaos.

4) You want to stay away from those who would harm them.

Keep Moving Forward: Knowing When to Run, Walk, or Crawl - gym fit workout

5) You need to get out of here before it gets worse.

6) You just don’t care anymore.

Life is meaningless without meaning.

7) You’re tired of living in fear.

Get up and start making a difference!

You may be reading this and thinking that it is not a good idea to keep moving forward. You may have a point. In fact, you may even be right in some ways. But to just give up without even trying to make things better would be such a shame.

Think about it. If you do nothing at all, then you are helping the bad guys win. And they don’t need your help either. They are winning already as we speak.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely…

Keep Moving Forward: Knowing When to Run, Walk, or Crawl - GYM FIT WORKOUT

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Keep Moving Forward: Knowing When to Run, Walk, or Crawl Things to think about before deciding what to do: 1) Do you have much time left?

If not, then it does not matter what you do because you will be dead soon anyway. 2)

Do the people around you support the current movement? 3) Do you like what is happening around you?

Just look around you.

Some of our greatest leaders have been brought down by cowards. But those same leaders have also been brought down by those who dared to dream and to stand up for what they believed in. Do not be a coward. Be a leader!

Dare to make a difference!

So, how do you keep moving forward in such dark times? How do you dare to make a difference when it all seems so hopeless?

4) Do you support the current movement? 5) Are you safe where you are right now? 6) Are the people close to you safe?

If you have little time left and your loved ones are in danger, then it may be best…

One step at a time.

It all begins with one step. You do not need to see the whole staircase, just take one step at a time.

You may not know what lies ahead, but you do know that you must move forward from where you are right now. So just keep on moving. Do not stand still and be silent. Take a stand and keep moving forward.

Yes, there will be obstacles in your way. But you can overcome them if you try hard enough and never give up.

Keep Moving Forward: Knowing When to Run, Walk, or Crawl - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Nobody said it would be easy. But then nobody said it would be this hard either. The point is, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And if you keep on pushing forward, then eventually you will make it to the top.

So keep climbing that mountain. Keep moving forward.

Some people enjoy the thrill of going downhill on a mountain biking trail or skiing down a mountain. But those same people get nervous and sometimes scared when it comes time to climb that same mountain.

Why do that if the main idea is to have fun?

The challenge of climbing a mountain is not easy. But once you get to the top and see all the beauty that you just opened up to yourself, it is totally worth it.

Yes, there are obstacles in your way right now. But each one of them can be overcome. That is great if that is what you like to do. But if you fall, it can be fatal.

It is way too easy to get hurt and the recovery time can be much longer.

I am not saying that your life is at stake here. But it still holds true. Going downhill can be fun and all, but only after you have gone uphill first. You climb up the mountain first.

Only then are you allowed to go downhill. You just have to want it bad enough and keep on moving forward no matter what.

So what are you waiting for?

Go climb that mountain!

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It is that simple. Pick an obstacle, any obstacle and just start climbing, or digging, or swimming, or running. It does not matter what you do first. But you must pick something and start doing it. Otherwise you will never make it past the bottom of the mountain. And if you stay down there too long, you will never want to go back up again. So get going already and choose an obstacle to overcome.

Life is full of choices.

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Keep Moving Forward: Knowing When to Run, Walk, or Crawl - | Gym Fit Workout

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It may seem like a lot at times, but they really are not that many. Everyone has the same amount. What matters most is how you use them and what you do with them. It is simple really.

Just remember:

1) You can sit on your butt and do nothing.

2) You can just stand there and scream about all the obstacles in your way.

3) You can pick an obstacle and start climbing, digging, swimming or running to get past it.

‘Tis The Season For Giving. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la..

You can’t have it all right now.

So you don’t like where you are at right now. That is too bad. But the truth is, you can’t have it all right now. Nobody gets to live their life without any obstacles in their way.

So if you want to achieve something, anything at all, then it is going to require some sort of sacrifice or compromise on your part.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Keep Moving Forward: Knowing When to Run, Walk, or Crawl - from our website

This is life.

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Keep Moving Forward: Knowing When to Run, Walk, or Crawl - Picture

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