Kettlebells as a Cardio Tool: Yay or Nay

Kettlebells are great for cardiovascular exercise. They have been used for centuries to improve health and strength. However, there are some drawbacks with using them as a cardio tool. Some of these disadvantages include:

They do not provide much resistance when compared to other forms of exercise such as running or swimming. You will need to use heavier weights than what you would normally use during your regular workouts if you want to get the same effect from kettlebells.

You may feel tired after doing kettlebell exercises. If you are already exhausted from your regular workouts, then it’s going to take longer for you to recover.

If you don’t have enough time, then kettlebells might not be the best choice for you. A good way to increase your endurance is by training with different types of weight lifting.

The most common complaint among those who train with kettlebells is that they tend to hurt their wrists. This is because of the force applied to the wrist joint when performing a kettlebell swing.

There are many benefits associated with using kettlebells as a cardio tool:

It helps you burn calories and build muscle mass. These two things are very important for losing fat and building muscle mass. By burning calories, you will lose weight while gaining muscle mass.

You will be able to perform the kettlebell swing with greater ease as you become more skilled at using this tool.

With kettlebells, you can train anywhere because you do not need any special equipment except for a few kettlebells and enough space to swing them.

If you have never used this tool before, it is best to start with a lighter weight until you get used to the motions involved in using these tools.

Kettlebells as a Cardio Tool: Yay or Nay - | Gym Fit Workout

If you are already skilled at using kettlebells and want some extra resistance, you can simply use a heavier weight. Though it should be noted that you should not try to advance too quickly or you may suffer an injury.

As with any other exercise, warming up before and cooling down after is very important. You will also want to avoid swinging the kettlebell too fast as this can cause injury just as easily as swinging it to hard.

Look up some tutorials on how to perform kettlebell exercises properly. This will help you get the most out of your workouts and also help prevent injury.

Your grip strength is going to be challenged when using this tool, so you will need to work on your grip strength separately if you want to avoid problems in the future.

Kettlebells are not only beneficial for those looking to lose weight or build muscle mass. Many people like using them simply because they are fun and offer a great workout for the whole body.

So, do kettlebells live up to the hype?


Can they be used as a viable cardio exercise?


Will they give you the desired results you are looking for if you use them as part of your regular routine?

Yes. Just remember that you will need to eat right and get enough rest if you want to see the best results. And of course, as with all things, never abuse kettlebells or try to lift weights that are too heavy for you as this can lead to injury.

In closing, it is my opinion that using kettlebells as part of a healthy routine is a great way to keep your heart rate up during your workout. As long as you are careful and avoid overdoing it on the weight front, there is no reason why you should not be able to enjoy using this tool for a long time to come.

You may also be interested in perusing some books on kettlebell training such as the one pictured below.

You can find more information on kettlebells by doing a quick search online or by visiting your local sporting goods store.

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