Kinesiology Tape: Friend or Dangerous Foe

Kinesiology Tape: Friend or Dangerous Foe?

The first thing you need to know is what are the benefits of wearing kinesio tape. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1) You will feel better after exercise.

You may think that wearing it during your workout would make you feel worse, but actually it helps you recover faster from your workouts because your muscles don’t get sore anymore.

2) You will not hurt yourself while exercising.

If you have ever tried to do any kind of exercise without using a belt, then you must know that it hurts really bad sometimes. If you use a belt, then you won’t have any problems with hurting yourself while doing exercises like squats or deadlifts.

3) You will be able to perform all kinds of exercises easier.

When you use a belt, you will be able to do all types of exercises much easier than if you were not wearing one. For example, when you are lifting weights, it is very difficult for someone who doesn’t wear a belt to lift the weight up high enough so that their hands don’t get injured. However, when you wear a belt, you can lift the weight all the way up without any kind of pain. This will allow you to perform exercises much better overall.

4) You will be able to exercise longer.

We’ve already mentioned that you won’t get as sore while wearing a belt, but did you know that you can also exercise longer?

This is because your body will not feel as much pain or tiredness while using a belt.

5) It will make you look buff!

This is not actually a benefit that you will physically feel, but it is definitely a benefit nonetheless. The way that wearing a belt makes your core stronger is by making your abs and whole midsection look more hard and ripped. After prolonged use, you will actually see definition in your abs.

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What are the risks?

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