Ladera Granola (Product Review)

Ladera Foods Redwood City (Product Review)

The Ladera Foods Redwood City is a brand name product sold under several different names. It was first introduced in 1995. Its main ingredients are almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut oil and sugar. There are no artificial colors or flavors added to it. The company claims that its products have been tested extensively with rats and rabbits to ensure their safety and efficacy.

They claim that these foods are nutritionally complete and provide all the essential nutrients required for healthy growth.

According to the website, the company’s headquarters is located in Redwood City, California. Their products are available at major grocery stores nationwide. The company says that they do not use genetically modified organisms (GMO), hormones or antibiotics in any of their products.

It is important to note that the Redwood City is a brand name product. That means that there may be other companies selling similar products, but they are not affiliated with Ladera Foods. Some of these other brands include:

Redwood City Farms – A smaller version of Ladera Foods. It contains only almonds and sunflower seeds, and does not contain coconut oil or sugar. The company claims that it provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health. The ingredients are grown by Amish families in rural Pennsylvania.

Sunshine Meadows – Another brand of granola made by a different company. The ingredients include oats, peanuts, honey, and a handful of other ingredients. It is a tasty alternative to the Redwood City brand.

Ladera Foods Coupon

There are many Ladera Foods coupons available that will help you save on your next purchase. These coupons can be found online and in newspapers.

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The best way to save money on Ladera Foods is to keep an eye out for sales. These products are often on sale at at grocery stores like Trader Joes and Whole Foods. You can also find similar products at these stores, that are just as delicious but cost less money.

Ladera Foods Coupon Code

There are no coupon codes available for the Ladera Foods website.

Ladera Foods Discount

There are no available Ladera Foods discounts.

Ladera Foods Return Policy

Expired or damaged products may be returned within 30 days of purchase. You will need to contact the manufacturer to find out the specific return policy that applies to your product. Packages must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase and must contain the receipt inside. You will get your money back, minus any applicable restocking fees.

Ladera Foods Coupon

There are no available Ladera Foods coupons.

Ladera Foods Recipes

There are no available recipes for Ladera Foods.

Ladera Foods Customer Reviews

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There are no Ladera Foods reviews on third-party websites. This means that the customer feedback is limited to comments on the Ladera Foods website.

One customer says that she used to eat the Redwood City brand until she found out that it contained peanuts. She says that these peanuts made her son break out in hives every time he ate them. She’s glad that she found this out before it was too late.

Ladera Foods continues to make unrealistic claims about their products. For example, they say that their gluten free oatmeal is just as good as regular oats. This is not the case. Their oats do not contain gluten, but they are much more processed than regular oats. Because of this, they have a very bitter taste and most people cannot eat them.

They also digest very slowly because they are so highly processed, causing increased flatulence in most people who eat them.

Another problem is the over-packaging. While most of their packaging can be recycled, it takes up a lot of space in landfills. If Ladera Foods really wants to promote being environmentally friendly they should consider switching to paper packaging or something that can be composted.

And finally, the price. Their products are much more expensive than similar products made by other companies. This is because Ladera Foods is a very small company that does not have the buying power that larger companies have.

Ladera Foods Coupons

There are no available coupons for Ladera Foods.

Ladera Foods Shipping Info

Shipping prices and policies vary depending on what you purchase. Most of their products ship for free. They do not appear to offer international shipping.

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Started in 1989, Ladera Foods has made a name for itself in the natural and organic food industry. The company is known for creating the first USDA certified organic peanut butter. It has since expanded to include all natural snack foods such as trail mixes, granolas, and dried fruits. The company is also heavily involved with fair trade and sustainable farming. All of their products are non-GMO and they support sustainable farming.

They also donate a portion of their proceeds to support environmental causes. Today, Ladera has more than 60 different products that it sells in the United States and Canada. They are certified by many different organizations, including the USDA, ECOCERT, and the British Retail Consortium.

The Ladera Foods website allows customers to purchase products online. It also contains a lot of useful information about the company and its products. It sells most of their products in three different sized packages: small, medium, and large. Some of their products are only available in small or medium packages. They offer free shipping on all orders, regardless of size.

Unfortunately, the website does not provide details about the prices of their products or shipping costs. It also does not provide a list of stores that sell their products in person.

The site contains a lot of useful information about Ladera Foods and its history. It has lists of their most popular products and product descriptions. There is also information about some of their more popular events, such as walks for the environment. There is also a blog that is updated frequently with interesting articles about organic food and the benefits of eating healthy.

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One of the problems with the site is that it does not contain much information about ordering products. There are no buttons to press or options to choose from. The only way to order products is to go through the online shopping cart. Once there, you can choose from a list of products they sell and enter your home address. It will show you the shipping costs and total costs for your order.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide any way to find out how much the items cost or how much the shipping costs. It also does not provide a way to purchase products without using the online shopping cart. There is no phone number provided and there is not contact form. This makes it very difficult to contact the company, especially for questions about ordering products.

Ladera has partnered with a few retailers to provide its products in stores. While these stores do provide a way to buy Ladera products in person, they are few and far between. Customers who wish to purchase Ladera foods offline will have to look very hard to find a store near them that sells their products.

Overall, Ladera provides a good selection of natural and organic foods. It has many different options for customers who want to eat healthy. However, it can be very difficult for customers to actually order their products. A customer service phone number or online contact form would go a long way in improving the customer experience with this store.

Ladera Foods Coupons And Discounts

Ladera does not offer coupons or discounts for its products. There are no online coupons available and there is no customer loyalty program. That means that customers will have to pay full price every time they order. This can get expensive for people who use the store regularly.

Ladera Foods Shipping Info

Ladera ships most products free of charge to customers. There is a cap on total value of items that can be shipped within a week or month without charging the customer. Once this cap is reached, additional orders will incur additional shipping charges. Customers who wish to purchase products from the online store will have three options for how their products will be shipped to them. They can either have their order shipped to their home, have it shipped to their office, or have it held for them at a Ladera store location.

The type of shipping selected will affect how long it takes for their order to be shipped to them.

Does Ladera Foods Price Match?

Ladera does not have a price matching policy. They do not announce if they will price match or even offer situations in which they would consider doing so. Customers who wish to know if they can get a lower price on an item need to compare the prices between Ladera and other stores in their area.

Ladera Foods Return Policy

Customers who shop in-store can return items they purchased from any Ladera store that has not been opened and they can also get a full refund. When returning items in-store, customers have five days from the time of purchase to return the item. If an item was bought using an online order, it can be returned by mail. Customers have 30 days from the time of purchase to return the item by mail. When returning items by mail, customers can expect a refund in the same form of payment originally used for the purchase.

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My Final Summary

Ladera offers a wide variety of healthy foods and organic options. The company has been around for a long time and seems to be doing well business-wise. It would seem that they have a good grip on their market and know what people want. However, they do seem to have some issues that present potential problems in the future. The biggest issue is the inability to order online and the extra step that potential customers will need to take if they want to buy Ladera products.

Not everyone wants to make an extra effort just to buy food. It would be nice if they would offer free samples as a way of enticing potential customers to try out their foods.

The cancellation policy for monthly orders is somewhat restrictive. It can cause potential problems with monthly subscriptions if a customer is away for any reason when the order is about to ship. It would be better if customers were able to pause their orders instead of having them automatically ship every month.

The shipping costs also seem to present an issue. The store’s free shipping policy only kicks in after a certain dollar amount has been spent within a week or month. This can potentially cause a problem for people who shop from the store on a regular basis.

While there are some potential drawbacks to shopping at Ladera, the store does have a lot going for it. Their wide range of options and the fact that they’re organic is a major selling point for many people. If you’re looking for healthy foods, then Ladera is definitely a place worth checking out.

Ladera Foods Pricing & Products

Ladera has a wide selection of natural and organic foods. They offer a nice selection of fresh produce, frozen entrees, high-quality meats, spices, and even wines. The store seems to stock more of the healthier options and less of the junk foods. This would make it a great store for people who are looking for healthier options. The store’s online site is relatively easy to browse.

You can search for different foods by name, or you can just browse the different food categories.

As I’ve already mentioned, the store sells a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as frozen options. Many of their fruits and vegetables are organic and they also sell canned and jarred items. They have a large selection of nuts and seeds. They also sell meat options such as chicken, beef, lamb, fish, and pork as well as eggs. They have a large selection of spices and oils to round out their food selection.

When it comes to beverages, the store sells coffee, tea, and cocoa as well as juices, wines, and beers. They also sell a wide range of baking ingredients such as flours, sugars, baking mixes, extracts, and more. They even have a large selection of cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods that you can order for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. The prices for most items are reasonable, but some of the organic produce prices seem to be a little higher than other organic stores.

Ladera has a rewards program that gives you one point for every dollar you spend and you get $5 for every 500 points. However, all rewards are given in the form of store credit and not cash refunds. This can be somewhat limiting since you can only use store credit on their website.

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The store also offers a Subscribe & Save option where you can have recurring shipments of the items you order at a discount. The discount and frequency of shipments can be adjusted if desired. This is nice if you know you will be needing certain items on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the cancellation policy for Subscribe & Save items is much stricter than the standard subscription cancellation policies. A thirty-day notice is required for any Subscribe & Save orders that you want to cancel.

If you don’t notify the store within this thirty-day period, you will be charged for another shipment of that item. If you have an ongoing Subscribe & Save item and you want to cancel your recurring order altogether, you must call or email the store to do this. You cannot cancel any recurring order online like you can with other Subscribe & Save items.

In addition to their online store, Ladera has a brick-and-mortar location in Los Angeles, California.

Shipping at Ladera

The store requires a minimum $25 order for free shipping. Orders over $50 receive free shipping and handling. Orders under $50 have a $4.99 handling and processing fee.

View my complete Ladera Review here.

Organic Grocer

Organic Grocer is an online health food store based in North Carolina. The company first started as a brick-and-mortar store in 1994, but eventually expanded into the online market in the late 90s. They have been primarily known for their large inventory and variety of products since their inception. The store offers free shipping on all orders over $49. Orders under $49 have a shipping fee of $4.99.

There is no handling fee or other hidden charges. Orders are shipped out within 2 business days.

Organic Grocer has a rewards program called OGMStars. You earn 1 star per $1 spent and once you earn 10 stars you get $5 off your next order. They also have Promotions primarily for first time customers where you can get $5 off your first order when you sign up and spend over $25. They also sometimes offer promo codes that you can enter during the check-out process to get a discount.

Organic Grocer has a comprehensive product list that is searchable by category or via a traditional search bar. The categories themselves are pretty broad and probably won’t help you narrow down your search too much, but the search bar has helpful options for narrowing down your search via filters. These include options to exclude coupons and out of stock items. You can also narrow down your search by choosing the product type (i.e., supplements, cosmetics, food, etc).

Ladera Granola (Product Review) - from our website

They have a standard 30-day return policy. You can return your items in person to their brick-and-mortar store in North Carolina or ship them back using the shipping label and instructions that they provide. Upon receiving the returned products and determining that they are unused, they will refund you the cost of the items. Unfortunately, shipping costs are not refunded.

They offer a wide selection of organic and all-natural products like vitamins and supplements, beauty products, groceries, snacks, beverages, condiments, cleaning supplies, and pet food.

Organic Grocer has a nice selection of products. Their prices are sometimes just a little lower than the other health food stores, but sometimes they’re equal to or even more than their competitors. They offer a $5 discount for first time customers with a minimum $25 purchase. Overall, the savings potential here isn’t great, but it doesn’t hurt to save wherever you can.

The site is easy to navigate. It’s not a masterpiece of e-commerce design, but it gets the job done and looks pretty nice. As I mentioned earlier, the filters on the search bar are very helpful and the checkout process is very simple to understand.

The North Carolina-based company has been around for a long time. They were founded in 1994 and started off as a brick-and-mortar store. The physical store is still open to this day. They have a solid track record with no serious issues or complaints.

Organic Grocer is a good store if you’re looking for health food grocery items and other related products. They have a lot of specific items, but their prices aren’t always the best and sometimes can be downright high. However, they do offer a $5 discount for first time customers with a minimum $25 purchase so that’s a nice bonus. Their shipping costs are also fairly reasonable ($4.99 for orders under $49).

They also have a rewards program called OGMStars that lets you earn 1 star per $1 spent. Once you earn 10 stars, you get $5 off your next order. Overall, it’s a solid store that specializes in a very particular subset of items but if you’re looking for organic products then you’ll probably be interested in what they have to offer.

If you have any experience with this store, please leave your Organic Grocer reviews below!

Store Rating: 7.5/10

Better Business Bureau Rating: NA

Auto Ship Calculator

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Organic Grocer Coupons

Due to the nature of this store’s business, all coupons are guaranteed to be valid. They sometimes run promos where you get a certain percentage off your order. This can be any combination of a flat discount or a percentage off total purchase.

10% Off + Free Shipping

20% Off w/ promo code HOT20

Gift Cards from Organic Grocer

If you’d rather have credit to Organic Grocer than coupons, you can buy gift cards here. They are delivered digitally to you by email so there’s no waiting for it in the mail.

Our Verdict

Organic Grocer is an interesting store. As you can see from our review, it has its ups and downs. But, it does specialize in a very narrow niche so if you’re looking for organic groceries and household items then you could certainly do a lot worse than this store. Use the link below to get your discount!

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