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The first time I heard about the coronaviruses was from my mother. She told me that she had seen a news report on TV about them and how they were spreading all over the world. I remember being really scared because it sounded like something out of a horror movie or science fiction novel.

At that point, I didn’t pay much attention to what was going on with other countries, but now? Now?

Well, I’m not so sure if I want to live in a world where there are multiple coronaviruses running around.

I don’t think it’s just me though; many others have expressed similar concerns. The fact that the virus seems to be getting worse rather than better worries some people. They’re worried that the number of cases could increase even further before it gets any easier to fight off these viruses. Others believe that the best way to combat this threat would be to get rid of computers altogether.

In order to make things a little bit easier for those who are concerned about the possibility of another pandemic, I’ve decided to write this post. Hopefully, it’ll give you some ideas on how you can deal with your fears and hopefully prevent one from happening in the future.

What Is Social Distancing?

This is the process where large groups of people are separated in order to prevent the spread of a contagious disease. The best example of this is the idea of quarantines. Usually, this is applied to countries that have been infected with a highly contagious disease. The goal is to minimize contact between citizens and to prevent other people from entering or exiting the country.

The whole point of social distancing methods is to keep you away from others as much as possible. This includes businesses, public events, and social gatherings. As you can see, this can greatly affect your day-to-day life and may even hinder your ability to make a living.

The Use of Airports Across the World

At first, I thought airports were more than capable of closing their doors to any flights coming from countries that had a lot of cases of the virus. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this is going to happen anytime soon. In fact, it seems like airports are a breeding ground for the virus to spread. This is because people from all over the world are coming into contact with one another.

Even if only one of them is infected, it could be enough to start an epidemic here in our country.

Since this doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon, I think that people should just avoid transiting through airports altogether. It would probably take longer, but your chances of getting sick would be significantly lower.

The Closure of Schools and Universities

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This is something that’s already been implemented in many countries, including the United States. The problem with this is that it limits the ability for people to make a living. Not everyone has the luxury of working from home or can afford to take a leave of absence without getting paid.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have kids in school or doesn’t go to school yourself, then this isn’t going to affect you at all. This is just another reason why you should consider staying home until this all blows over.


This is a strategy that’s been implemented in several countries where the outbreak is extremely heavy. Checkpoints are set up on roads and anyone who tries to exit the country is not allowed to do so unless they have the right paperwork. This includes things like a visa, certification of being disease-free, and proof of vaccination.

Obviously, this isn’t a popular solution. There were protests and riots when this was first implemented. Since then, there have been several lawsuits filed against the government on the grounds of violating basic human rights. So far, no official decisions have been made but the outlook isn’t good.

Cities are starting to become like prisons for the uninfected population. No one knows how long this will last or when it will come to an end.

I’m personally hoping that it will all blow over by next week but I doubt that will happen.

Our only hope now is a medical breakthrough. There are a few vaccines in the works but none of them have been tested on humans, much less shown to be effective. It would be dangerous to try and test these on humans because the results could be fatal. Those who could be eligible for these vaccines are less than willing to risk their lives.

Those who are eligible are usually encouraged to stay in quarantine until more is known about the vaccine’s safety.

Over time, things have gotten worse and worse. Our government has completely fallen several times and we’ve had to start vaccating everyone who lives here just to keep the population from falling any further. As a result, our rights have started to deteriorate as well.

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If the vaccine doesn’t work, we’re just going to have to live here indefinitely. If this happens, the ruling class is going to have to find a way to keep the population in line. Some tough choices are going to have to be made.

Those who can still contribute to society in a meaningful way will be allowed to do so. The rest will have to serve a purpose or risk being eliminated.

Fortunately, we don’t have that problem right now. For now, everyone is vaccinated and healthy. Still, I don’t see this problem going away any time soon.

The vaccine I’m talking about was found by pure accident. Someone brought the wrong container to be incinerated and a worker put it in the wrong container. Instead of disposing of medical waste, it was disposed of as a biological hazard. It wasn’t until later that anyone realized what had happened.

Fortunately, the mistake was rectified fairly quickly.

Unfortunately, the wrong people got a hold of it and managed to weaponize it before it could be safely disposed of. Even with the vaccine readily available, people are still dying because it’s not being applied quickly enough to stem the tide of new infections. I’m just glad I won’t have to worry about getting sick any more. I’ve already had the vaccine for several weeks now and haven’t shown any signs of getting sick.

This means that as the population continues to get sick and die out, I no longer have to worry about losing my family. Because of this, my wife and I are going to try for a baby as soon as possible.

If there are any males who don’t have a high enough profile to be a potential risk, they’re going to be disposed of. If this keeps up, our ruling class is going to be made up of entirely women pretty soon.

Of course even with the vaccine, we’re still going to have to live in safe houses for the rest of our lives. The infected are still a threat and no matter how much you vaccinate them, they’re still going to try to eat you.

But that’s a problem for the future. Right now, I’m just going to enjoy the fact that my family is safe and we’re going to have a baby soon. I just hope it’s a girl. I’d love to have a little girl to take out for ice cream.

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Thank you for reading “The Last Humans”!

You may be wondering if this story is over. At this point the story is done, but I have plans to continue the story and expand upon what’s already here with a second book called “The Last Humans: Next Generation”.

In that book, I plan to go back in time to before the virus hit and follow another set of characters living their lives in a way similar to the first book. Sort of a what-if history where the virus never hit. The main point of divergence is that the characters make different choices and some don’t even go along with what ends up happening in the future.

The first book was about how the virus changed everyone’s life. The second book will be about how people reacted to the virus and what they chose to do with their lives. I don’t plan to kill off any of the characters that originated in the first book, but there may be some new ones that play a major role.

The second book won’t be released immediately. I’m currently looking for a publisher for the first book and once that happens, I’ll be able to focus more on writing the second one. You’ll know when the second book is finished when it is available for sale wherever you purchased this one.

Thank you for taking the time to read my book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

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Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

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Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Chapter 32

Chapter 33

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Chapter 34

Chapter 35

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

Chapter 38

Chapter 39

Chapter 40

Chapter 41

Chapter 42

Chapter 43

Chapter 44

Chapter 45

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Chapter 46

Chapter 47

Chapter 48

Chapter 49

Chapter 50

Chapter 51

Chapter 52

Chapter 53

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Chapter 54

Chapter 55

Chapter 56

Chapter 57

Chapter 58

Chapter 59

Chapter 60

Chapter 61

Chapter 62

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Chapter 63

Chapter 64

Chapter 65

Chapter 66

Chapter 67

Chapter 68

Chapter 69

Chapter 70

Chapter 71

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Chapter 72

Chapter 73

Chapter 74

Chapter 75

Chapter 76

Chapter 77

Chapter 78

Chapter 79

Chapter 80

Chapter 81

Chapter 82

Chapter 83

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Chapter 84

Chapter 85

Chapter 86

Chapter 87

Chapter 88

Chapter 89

Chapter 90

Chapter 91

Chapter 92

Chapter 93

Chapter 94

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Chapter 95

Chapter 96

Chapter 97

Chapter 98

Chapter 99

Chapter 100

Chapter 101

Chapter 102

Chapter 103

Chapter 104

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Chapter 105

Chapter 106

Chapter 107

Chapter 108

Chapter 109

Chapter 110

Chapter 111

Chapter 112

Chapter 113

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Chapter 114

Chapter 115

Chapter 116

Chapter 117

Chapter 118

Chapter 119

Chapter 120

Chapter 121

Chapter 122

Chapter 123

Chapter 124

Chapter 125

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Chapter 126

Chapter 127

Chapter 128

Chapter 129

Chapter 130

Chapter 131

Chapter 132

Chapter 133

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Chapter 134

Chapter 135

Chapter 136

Chapter 137

Chapter 138

Chapter 139

Chapter 140

Chapter 141

Chapter 142

Chapter 143

Chapter 144

Chapter 145

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Chapter 146

Chapter 147

Chapter 148

Chapter 149

Chapter 150

Chapter 151

Chapter 152

Chapter 153

Chapter 154

Chapter 155

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Chapter 156

Chapter 157

Chapter 158

Chapter 159

Chapter 160

Chapter 161

Year 56 (Continued)

(20 years prior to the events of the City Siege Game)

Learning Sucks, But You Should Do It Anyway - Image

The cool night air awakens you from your slumber. Confused by your surroundings, it takes you a moment to remember that you’re currently in the middle of nowhere and your friend is still messing around with the RV.

You lie quietly waiting for him to return. Maybe he’s just making sure none of the undead are lingering around. You scan your dark surroundings looking for any signs of movement. The full moon only gives off so much light, but your eyes have gotten used to the darkness and you can make out most of your surroundings.

The RV sits in the distance; its yellow paint job almost glowing. You never thought something so ugly could be given such a nice paint job. It has been so long since you’ve seen real color; everything has a gray hue to it now. Your gaze turns back towards the trees as you see something move amongst them.

Your heart races as you try to discern what it could be. Your hand reaches down to your holster, and you slowly draw your pistol. You don’t want to startle whoever (or whatever) is out there.

As the figure steps out from the shadows of the trees, your breath is taken away. The most beautiful woman you have seen in a very long time is standing there looking back at you. She’s wearing civilian clothing, which surprised you. Most people that are left are in uniform of some sort; soldier or doctor or researcher.

Her clothes are dirty and torn, but they are obviously from a high end store at some point; maybe even custom made. The woman stands there staring at you, taking you in as she reaches up and brushes your cheek with her hand. Her skin is very cold to the touch, but you don’t pull away. You almost cannot believe she is really here with you.

You start to open your mouth to say something, but she places her finger on your lips and smiles. Then she steps forward and embraces you. You are caught off guard for a moment, but you return her embrace.

You don’t know how long the two of you stand there, holding each other in the darkness. The loneliness that has engulfed your soul suddenly disappears as if it had never been. You wish this moment could last forever.

You don’t know how long you’ve been standing here, but eventually you slowly begin to part and look into her eyes. The pain and worry that has been the ever present companion of yours seems to have lifted; or rather shifted to a more distant place in your mind. All that is left in its place is right here, right now.

You smile as you and she gaze into each others eyes. After what seems like an eternity, she steps back from you and turns to walk towards the RV. You can’t tell if it’s just the moonlight playing tricks on you, but it almost looks like she trails a bit of a faint purple glow around her.

“Come on,” her voice says inside your head. “We haven’t got all night.”

Learning Sucks, But You Should Do It Anyway - from our website

You smile at her choice of words. Then you follow her.

You approach the RV and she stands by as you open the door and climb inside. As you turn to sit down in your seat, you look out the window towards her. She has her arms crossed in front of her and is leaning up against a nearby tree. She smiles at you and blows you a kiss.

You reach out and catch it as she laughs. Then she turns and walks back into the shadows.

You climb into the driver’s seat and start the RV. You look out the window, expecting her to be standing there waiting. But she is gone. You smile, though, because you know that she will always be with you now.

You put the RV in gear and pull out onto the highway. The trees on either side of you are nothing more than dark smudges against the starry sky. But soon those smudges start to take shape and from their you can make out figures. soldiers. As you drive past, each one takes position and marches alongside you in perfect lockstep.

Your smile widens as a laugh escapes your lips. This is going to be your best tour ever.

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