Lessons in Parkour: How to Safely Land on Your Feet

The first thing that needs to be noted is that if you are not used to doing parkour then it might take some time before you feel comfortable with the movements. You need to start practicing them every day, even if only for 5 minutes at a time. If you have never done any type of martial arts or self defense training then it will probably take longer than usual before you get the hang of things. The key here is to practice and train until you feel confident enough to go out into the real world.

You need to remember that there are different levels of skill and experience. A beginner may be able to jump from one wall to another without too much trouble, but they won’t be able to perform a roll properly.

They will most likely fall down, which would make them very vulnerable. On the other hand someone who has been training for awhile could easily do a roll successfully. There is no such thing as being “too experienced” in anything. Just because you have trained for years doesn’t mean that you are good enough to defend yourself against a determined attacker.

There are several types of training that can be done to improve your skills and abilities. These include:

1) Self Defense Training – This includes techniques like kicks, punches, strikes, grappling techniques and so forth.

These can be very effective but you need to have confidence in the techniques. If you think that a punch isn’t going to work, then chances are it won’t.

These trainings are usually taught by a sensei or other higher level practitioner.

2) Speed Training – This is done for several reasons.

The first is to increase your speed so that you can cover more distance quicker when you are jumping and running. The second reason is to increase your reaction time, which makes it easier for you to avoid a potential fall.

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This is usually accomplished through sprints and jump training.

3) Strength Training – This trains your muscles and helps them get used to the rigors of parkour.

A strong body is more resistant to getting hurt due to falls and crashes. You don’t need to get “bulky” You can visualize your moves and this will help you make them successfully in reality.

5) Breathing Training – Proper breathing is essential to everything. If you are holding your breath while executing a jump then you are likely to mess up.

This will cause panic and that will cause you to botch the jump or fall. Training yourself to breath properly under different conditions is very valuable.

6) Meditation Training – This trains your mind and body for peak performance.

By training your mind to reach a state of calm during your daily routine, you can attain a state of “total awareness.” This means that you are more aware of everything around you.

By doing this during your training you will be able to feel more sensations in your body and thus you will be able to learn what works best for you.

7) Survivability Training – This trains you to survive potential dangerous situations.

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This can include anything from getting out of handcuffs to escaping from a locked room. It doesn’t mean that you will never get stuck or trapped again, but it means that you will have the knowledge to get out of most situations if you think correctly.

If you are training by yourself then I suggest doing a couple hours of training every day with at least one full day off per week. If you can train with a group, then I suggest doing intensive training sessions a couple times per week.

Always listen to your body and allow for rest and recovery whenever you feel the need.

Training that is focused on strength and endurance should probably be done alone since these sessions tend to require a lot of energy. You can still practice speed and accuracy skills with others obviously; it just depends on whether your group is focused on trickery and stealth or direct combat.

When it comes to daily training, you should definitely focus on speed and accuracy. Even if you are part of a group that focuses on direct combat, you will most likely be going in first to scout out the area or setting the stage for the main group.

You need to be able to move quickly and quietly as well as be able to hit your target. Just make sure to stay away from grenades and heavy weapons until your strength is up a bit.

For now, focus on rifles, Pistols, and basic assault weapons.

When it comes to strength training stick to light to medium weights with a focus on your arms, back, and legs. Don’t worry so much about your core right now since you will be doing a lot of that anyway.

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Later on, you can add more muscle once your body has had a chance to get used to the training.

As for survivability training, it really depends on how you want to approach that. I would suggest focusing on stealth and speed rather than items since items are mostly useless in the long run.

Once the enemy realizes you’re using a distraction item, they’ll start ignoring the noise unless its really loud or distracting.

Instead, focus on things like lock picking, computer hacking, and simple stealth approaches like hiding under tables and sneaking around air ducts. You will need to practice a lot with all of these different strategies to find out which one works best for you.

Again, remember to stay away from grenades and other heavy weapons until your strength and endurance is higher.

Well, I think that’s about it. Good luck out there Zee, and stay safe.




Tell your father I said hi if you see him at work.

You smile at the letter as you walk back downstairs. It’s funny how your mom knows so much about the inner workings of the shadows yet she has never had any real “combat” experience in her life.

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Then again, not many people have when it comes to the shadows. They are a rare organization, almost a secret society. Most people don’t even know they exist, and of those that do, only a handful have actually seen them in action. You know your parents met when your father saved your mother’s life from a bandit that was trying to rob her. Your father is actually a guardian as well, though he has always been more of the “guard the palace” type rather than the “secretive assassin” type. Your mother has always been somewhat aware of the shadows and their operations, but she’s never really bothered to ask too much about it. She knows they do “good deeds” as far as she is concerned, so she’s glad you’re part of such an honorable group.

Eventually you reach the bottom of the staircase and walk into the room with all the boxes. As per your mother’s request, you start organizing some of the items to be taken back to your apartment.

You’re not sure how much you’re going to bring since you don’t want to get overburdened while carrying all these items, but then again there will be people to help you along the way.

You also notice that there seems to be a surplus of blasting pins, so you take a handful since those can always come in handy. There are also some small metal objects that look like they might fit in your palm, but they seem a little strange.

You pick one up and examine it, then you hear a voice from behind.

Hey Zee, whatcha got there?”

it asks. It’s Tych. You turn around and look at him since you didn’t even notice he had crepted in.

“Nothing,” you say and go to put the device back.

“Hey wait, that thing is really cool!” he says excitedly and stops you from putting it back in the box.

What does it do?”

“I have no idea. Nothing probably,” you say and take it back from him. It’s a little disappointing since you were hoping it might be useful somehow.

Are there more of them?”

Tych asks.

Lessons in Parkour: How to Safely Land on Your Feet - at GYMFITWORKOUT

“I don’t know, there might be,” you reply.

You and Tych start looking through the various objects, hoping to find more strange devices. Meanwhile, Gerti has been sulking in the corner the whole time.

“I’m bored,” Tych complains.

“Well, try to contain yourself,” you reply.

Suddenly Gerti stands up and makes a loud screaming noise that hurts your ears. You see a couple boxes nearby fall off the shelf.

Hey what was that for?”

you ask.

“That’s for being boring,”

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