Love on the Mat: The Story of Lisa, Greg, and BJJ

Love on the Mat: The Story of Lisa, Greg, and BJJ

By Daniel “The Grappler” Salazar

Lisa’s story begins with her mother telling her that she was born in a barn. She grew up in a small town called Westfield New Jersey where she met her husband Greg at age 17. They married two years later and had three children together including their youngest daughter Lisa.

After all these years they still have a strong love for each other.

After having four kids, Lisa decided it was time to move out of her parents’ house and into her own place. She found a job working as a secretary and then moved back home to live with her family. One day while cleaning out the basement, she came across some old photos which were taken when she was younger.

These pictures showed Lisa posing nude. At first she thought nothing of them, but after looking through them one more time, she realized that they might not just belong to her.

She started searching online for information about the photos and discovered that there were actually several sets of these photos. The most recent set belonged to a man named Brian Jones who died in 2002 from AIDS related complications. He had been photographed naked at least ten times between 1973 and 1992.

Lisa had no idea how these pictures came to be in her possession and she couldn’t stop thinking about them or Brian Jones. The whole experience was making her feel guilty for some reason. Later that night, she sat down to watch a movie with her husband and told him everything that was on her mind.

Lisa told Greg everything about the pictures, but she never mentioned anything about seeing them. She told him that she found them in the basement and that she didn’t steal them. Greg thought about it for a moment and then came up with this theory.

He said that Lisa probably found the pictures in a box among her parent’s things when they moved back home. Lisa couldn’t really argue with that since that did sound like something she would do as a kid, but she didn’t remember ever seeing the pictures before.

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After Greg went to bed, Lisa couldn’t sleep. She kept thinking that her husband was going to wake up and realize that she was lying. She was sure that he would be able to tell just by looking at her.

She hated feeling this way and wished that she had just told him the truth. She decided to go online and look up the pictures again one more time before turning in for the night. As she looked at them, she remembered how they made her feel and she started to feel that way again.

Lisa suddenly realized that she didn’t remember seeing the pictures before, but she did remember taking them. She remembered it all now; the way he looked at her, the things he said to her, the bedroom…it all came back to her as clear as anything.

Lisa was in shock and didn’t know what to do. Should she tell her husband the truth or continue to lie?

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