Machines Still Build Muscles

The Machine Only Workout Program

There are many reasons why one might want to work out with machines only. For example, some people have trouble lifting weights because they lack strength or flexibility. They may not even be able to get into a regular gym and would prefer to use machines instead. Another reason could be that you just don’t like doing cardio anymore and want something else that will keep your heart rate up without burning calories. There are other reasons too, but these two main ones seem to be the most common.

If you’re looking for a way to lose weight quickly then machines are probably going to be your best bet. You’ll need all the extra energy you can get and it’s much easier than trying to burn calories from cardio exercises alone. If you’re already at a healthy weight and still want to add more pounds to your frame, then machines are definitely the way to go.

Another benefit of using machines is that they allow you to exercise in a controlled environment where there aren’t any distractions. No TV, no radio, no phone…nothing! Just you and your machine. This can be a major benefit to people who have a hard time focusing. For those of you that are easily distracted during certain exercises, chances are you’ll get better results with the machines because you won’t have to look around for extra things to occupy your mind (such as a magazine).

While it’s true that you don’t need cardio to lose weight, it’s still very beneficial to your overall health and should still be incorporated into your routine somehow. The best way to accomplish this is to perform interval training on a cardio machine for 20-30 minutes after every strength training workout you do (more on this later). If you’ve never done interval training before, it’s OK. I’ll explain how to do it properly and give you various tips along the way.

Before we get started with the program, there are a few things you should know about strength training:


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