Making a Magic Pill to Build Muscle and Fight Obesity

The first thing you need to do when trying to build muscle is get enough calories. If you don’t have enough calories, your body will not be able to burn fat for energy. You must eat more than what your body needs to maintain its current weight and keep it from gaining anymore weight. However, if you are overweight or obese, then eating too much may lead to health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

There are many ways to increase your calorie intake. Some of them include:

1) Exercise – You can either go out and run around the neighborhood or play sports with friends.

2) Eating less food – Eat fewer calories than you normally would because you want to lose weight.

3) Drinking more water – Drink more water so that your body doesn’t retain extra fluids during exercise.

4) Consuming more protein – Consume more protein since it provides amino acids which provide energy.

5) Consuming more carbohydrates – Consume more carbs since they provide glucose which provides energy.

6) Taking supplements – Take any supplement that you think will help you build muscle mass.

7) Using diet pills – Use diet pills to make yourself gain weight quickly.

Of course, using supplements or diet pills can be very dangerous so you need to consult a doctor before taking any of these. Also, remember to take it slow. You don’t want to gain weight so fast that it damages your body and causes other health problems.

Be sure to increase your calorie intake slowly over a period of time to save yourself from problems.

Now that you have enough calories in your body to gain weight, you need to start working out with weights. You can either go to a gym and engage in weight lifting or you can work out at home with dumb bells. Just be sure to engage in some type of resistance exercise that involves the muscles you want to build.

Making a Magic Pill to Build Muscle and Fight Obesity - GYM FIT WORKOUT

You should also work out your whole body since this will help you gain weight quickly. You can also do cardio exercise such as running or biking, but it may not help you gain weight as fast as weight lifting will.

If you want to gain weight as fast as possible, then you need to take in a lot of calories. You can do this by eating a lot or taking in supplements such as weight gainers which have a lot of calories. You can also consume protein shakes.

Just be sure not to consume too much fat since this may cause health problems and weight gain.

Now that you know how to build muscle fast, go out and try it!

By: Jeff Fulkerson

Making a Magic Pill to Build Muscle and Fight Obesity

Muscle building is about adding muscle, not taking away body fat so losing weight is not really part of this process. Building muscle and burning fat are two different things. The main goal of gaining muscle is to gain weight, but you need to take in more calories than you are burning.

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