Manduka LiveOn Mat, GO Free 2.0 Backpack, Yoga Towels (Product Review)

Manduka LiveOn Mat, GO Free 2.0 Backpack, Yoga Towels (Product Review)

The Manduka Yoga Mat is a new product from Manduka which was launched on April 1st 2014. The product has been developed with the intention of helping people to have better health and wellbeing through yoga practice. The company claims that their yoga mats are made using high quality recycled plastic bottles and other natural materials such as cotton twine, hemp rope and bamboo fibre. The mats are designed to provide a comfortable surface for your feet while you practice yoga.

In order to promote the product, they have created a series of videos showing how it works and what benefits it provides. They claim that these videos will make people want one too so that’s why they’ve decided to create them.

It seems like Manduka has done a good job at marketing their product but I’m not sure if they’re doing a good enough job at actually selling it. Their video series seem to be very basic and don’t really give any insight into the benefits or how much they cost.

If you were going to buy one, would you even bother?

I think most people won’t because I doubt that anyone is going to pay $99 for one of these things. It’s a cool idea but not something that you really need. If they were priced at around $20 – $30 then it would be a popular product.

As it stands right now though, it may just remain as a good idea that didn’t go anywhere.

Yoga Mat Product Review

“And as you exhale, curl the tailbone…”

The voice fades into the background as you close your eyes. You focus on each breath as it comes and goes and feel your muscles unwind. You sit in a comfortable cross-legged position on a thick cotton mat on the floor, surrounded by other people also sitting quietly and focusing on their breathing.

“Imagine the sound of my voice enveloping your body…”

You follow the instructions and imagine yourself surrounded by the sound of the instructor’s voice. She is sitting opposite you and out of sight behind a low table on which sit an incense burner, a small cup of oil and a lighter. She continues to speak as her hand disappears briefly under the table before returning with an item that looks like a long cotton bud with tapered ends.

“Take the cotton swab in your hand and gently put it inside your ear…”

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The instructor leans forward and puts the cotton bud in her own ear before pulling it out and showing that it is now coated in dark brown wax. She then does the same thing on your side of the table and you do the same, mimicking her actions as closely as you can.

“And with the incense I purify the air around us…”

The instructor lights the incense stick and puts it on a stand, which makes the smoke waft gently in your direction. You sniff the smoky air and feel your senses begin to swim. The instruction gently extends her arm towards you and you take one of her fingers in your own hand.

“Follow my finger with your eyes only…”

She moves her finger slowly from left to right in front of you. Your eyes follow its movement as the room begins to spin in the opposite direction. Your mind begins to go blank and your body feels heavy. The instructor’s voice sounds distant now, slow and deep like a large drum…

“Your skin warms and tingles, your muscles grow heavier and your ears begin to buzz. You can only hear my voice…”

You feel the instructor’s cool palm on your forehead and her voice sounds louder and more intense.

“Your eyes can see nothing but the blackness of closed eyes. Your mind can only think my words.”

Manduka LiveOn Mat, GO Free 2.0 Backpack, Yoga Towels (Product Review) - | Gym Fit Workout

The buzzing in your ears grows louder and you feel a cool mist caressing your skin. The smell of incense is heavy in the air and you struggle to breathe. You struggle to hold onto the instructor’s words…

“Your mind can perceive only my voice, your thoughts are erased… There is only now…”

Suddenly you break through. The cocoon of silence and smothering darkness parts and you are free, your mind open and clear. You see the world with new eyes and your senses are heightened beyond belief. You feel the instructor’s mind gently touch yours and you open yourself to her. You see her in your mind, smiling as you accept her into your expanded consciousness.

“Thank you” she says as she withdraws from your mind.

You drift back to reality and find the instructor removing the restraints. She helps you sit up and another assistant places a large board with strips of fabric on your lap. The assistant holds up a long robe of many bright colours and smiles at you.

“This one is for ceremony” she says, holding the robe in front of you so you can step inside.

You look around the room and see everyone wearing a robe of different colours, some plain and others with elaborate decorations. The assistant rapidly pulls the robe around you and ties a knot in front of your waist, then does up the shin-length row of buttons. The instructor walks back over and looks at you with approval.

“Good, now you will pass through the ceremony of acceptance. You will be bathed, your hair will be cut and your body will be marked with the symbol of our tribe.”

You are led into a side-chamber and find yourself standing waist-deep in warm water that smells of flowers. Three more assistants enter the chamber carrying buckets of water, which they begin to pour over you. You hear the hiss as the water hits your skin, then you sink beneath the surface and soap begins to lather over your head. You come up sputtering and are handed a loofah, which you use to begin washing from head to toe. You are helped from the pool and find yourself wrapped in a large towel.

Manduka LiveOn Mat, GO Free 2.0 Backpack, Yoga Towels (Product Review) - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Your hair is cut and combed, and finally you are led to a chair where your technician paints the ceremonial tattoo on your right shoulder.

Once the tattoo has been applied your instructor leads you out into the main chamber once again. You are given a pair of loose fitting trousers and a shimmering white tunic and lead to the dining room. You find yourself sitting with your instructor at an elegant table laden with exotic foods. Over the course of the meal several toasts are made to your success, and you finish with a plate of sweet fruits and another glass of the delicious punch. You feel the alcohol sparkling in your veins.

“Now, it is the custom for a new member to be… decorated during the dinner. It is quite lovely.” she smiles wickedly at you and continues.

“It would seem that you have an admirer already. If you accept this request, then when we return to the village the tattoo will be placed… elsewhere.”

She turns and points to a small slip of paper lying on the table.

“If you do not wish to participate, then you may burn the note and return to your meal.”

You look at the slip of paper hesitantly, wondering if you should investigate what is going on. If you do not choose to participate then you lose your chance to learn more about what is happening here, although you may be able to find something out if you continue the meal.

If you accept the request then you must discover the tattoo that is going to be placed on you. If you decide to burn the note, then you can leave immediately.

You may accept, reject or burn the note.

Rejecting the request will lead to a penalty which is determined by the roll of a die:

1-3 = You lose 1 enthusiasm for your current assignment.

Manduka LiveOn Mat, GO Free 2.0 Backpack, Yoga Towels (Product Review) - from our website

4-6 = You gain 1 enthusiasm for your current assignment.

Burning the note leads to a penalty which is determined by the roll of a die:

1-3 = You lose 1 enthusiasm because you are unable to solve a mystery.

4-6 = You gain 1 enthusiasm because you are the only one to spot a potential love interest.

Accepting the request leads to a penalty which is determined by the roll of a die:

1-3 = You lose 1 enthusiasm because the tattoo process is very painful.

4-6 = You gain 1 enthusiasm because you find your admirer very attractive.

To continue, make your choice below.