Mason Woodruff

Mason Woodruff is one of the most famous names in social media. His Instagram account has over two million followers and he’s been posting pictures there since 2013. Mason

Woodruff is a celebrity among celebrities, but what does it mean? What do all those followers really mean? Is Mason Woodruff real or fake? How did he get so popular? And why are people following him anyway?

What is Mason Woodruff?

Mason Woodruff is a man with a very impressive online presence. He has almost 2 million Instagram followers and has been doing so since 2013. Most of them are selfies, but he occasionally posts photos from other locations too (he lives in New York City). Some of his accounts have been suspended, but he’s managed to keep up the same level of popularity through various strategies such as creating multiple accounts and using bots to boost his follower count.

He claims to be a “social media consultant” and uses the hashtag #SocialMediaConsultant on his Instagram profile. He describes himself as a “self-taught social media marketer.” He says he started following Instagram in 2014 because he was interested in photography and wanted to learn how to use the app better. At first, he only posted images of food, but eventually he began posting pictures of random things around New York City.

Then one day he decided to post a photo of himself and he got a lot of compliments on his looks. He was only 18 at the time, so he thought it might be fun to post more pictures of himself.

From there, things just took off. At first he was posting selfies every now and then on the weekends, but eventually he decided to start posting them daily. At first he was only getting a few likes and views, but that changed when he started working out and taking more selfies. Pretty soon he had more Instagram followers than anyone in his circle of friends.

It wasn’t long before he had over a thousand followers. From then on, it was just exponential growth. He kept posting more selfies and worked out harder and harder every day. Soon, he got commercials for big name companies like Nike, Adidas, and Gatorade. He has his own clothing line too. His face is known in every country in the world. He gets recognized wherever he goes and is invited to all the celebrity parties.

But it didn’t just happen overnight. It took years of hard work for Mason to get to where he is now. He posts a new selfie every day without fail. His fans expect it and he knows that if he stops for a day, he’ll lose 200,000 followers.

He’s so dedicated to his fans that he even has a personal trainer and chef to maintain his physique. His fans have given him the name “The Golden Boy” because of his blonde hair and chiseled face. But it’s not just his looks that keep people coming back.

He has something important to say.

Mason Woodruff is a celebrity, but he’s also a role model to his fans. He has his own clothing line, but he’s not in it for the money. He makes most of his money from his endorsement deals and uses it to help improve people’s lives. He regularly visits children’s hospitals and donates to charities across the globe.

Whenever there’s a natural disaster, you’ll see him there helping out in the rescue efforts. He has a soft side for the less fortunate. He’s not one of those celebrities that gets into drugs and scandals. Whenever someone asks him about his views on something he always gives an intelligent answer. He’s very well spoken and polite to everyone, even those who are negative towards him.

The guy just lets his actions speak louder than words, so you won’t find him preaching to people. That’s why everyone loves him so much. His fans are the reason why he has such a successful career. They’re always there for him, which is why he tries to be there for them whenever he can.

Mason Woodruff - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Even you have to admit:

he’s pretty great.

You browse through his photos and see images of him visiting sick children in the hospital, posing for selfies with fans, and wearing different outfits for different events. He always looks so happy in all of the pictures. You can’t believe this guy is for real.

There’s a knock on the door and your mother pokes her head in.

You okay in there?”

she asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You say.

You sure?

You’ve been in there for a while.”

“I said I’m okay!” you snap.

Your mother’s eyes widen and she quickly shuts the door. You bang your fists against the wall and let out a growl.

When you finally calm down, you take a deep breath and continue looking at Mason’s photos. It’s making you want to be like him. He has it all. Fame.

Fortune. Chicks probably dig him. You’re envious of him, but only because he has something that you don’t.

Mason Woodruff - Image

If you were like Mason, people would respect you.

Everyone would look up to you and you could have your own clothing line and charity foundation. Hell, you’d be able to get any girl you wanted.

It’s not like you wouldn’t be able to manage it. You know you’d be able to if you set your mind to it. Mason was a nobody before he had his head shots taken. It’s not like you.

You’ve been told on several occasions that you’re very attractive. People like you.

You could do this.

You sit down at your computer and put pen to paper. You need to write down all of your thoughts if you plan on going through with this.


Hello future best friend. I’m writing you because I’m hoping we can correspond. I need someone like you in my life. I’ve been a fan of yours for years.

I don’t have many people I can relate to, but I feel like you and I are cut from the same cloth.

Mason Woodruff - gym fit workout

I’m even in the same business as you! Well, sort of. I’m still in high school, but once I graduate I hope to be able to get some modeling jobs. I know people say I should be on the runway, but I prefer print ads.

I feel like I have so much energy and I want to put it all into my work.

I’ve only just come to terms with my sexuality and I’ve never had a boyfriend before. I think you’d be the perfect guy for me! We can both achieve our dreams together!

Please write back soon.

You were never really the romantic type, but you think this will work. Now you just need to get the letter to Mason so he can reply.

You look at your clock and see that it’s Saturday. Mason should be at the gym right now, so that would be the perfect time to slip this letter into his bag. You were planning on going to the mall with your friends later anyway, so you’ll just bring the letter to him then.

You take out an envelope and write “To Mason” on it along with your name.

“I’m out heading to the mall. I’ll be back in a couple hours,” you yell while leaving the house.

Once you’ve arrived at the gym, you realize how stupid this idea was and how much trouble you’re going to be in if you get caught.

You enter through the back entrance and see Mason working out at a machine. He’s completely focused on it as he lifts the weights. His bag is sitting on a chair next to him.

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