“Mastering the Crucifix” (Product Review)

Digitsu coronavirus (DCV) is a highly contagious virus which causes severe disease and death. It was first discovered in Japan in 2001. Since then it has spread all over the world. The main symptoms are fever, headache, muscle pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Some patients die within two weeks after infection with DCV.

The most common symptom is fever. Other symptoms include headaches, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. These symptoms usually appear between two and seven days after exposure to the virus. However some people may not develop any symptoms at all or only mild ones such as fatigue, chills and flu like illness. Most of these people recover completely without complications but others suffer from long term health problems including organ failure, blindness and even death due to complications caused by DCV.

There are three stages of DCV infection: 1) acute phase; 2) chronic phase; 3) end stage. During the acute phase, symptoms begin to appear soon after exposure to the virus. The symptoms usually last less than one week and disappear within a few months. During this time, there is no specific treatment available because it takes several weeks before the body’s immune system starts fighting off the virus. People who go into the second phase, or chronic phase, develop ongoing health problems and begin to experience symptoms for more than a few months.

The immune system maintains a proper balance between the virus and host but does not eliminate the virus completely from the body. Most patients who reach this stage do not have any treatment other than pain medication to control their ongoing symptoms and organ failure if it develops

BJJ on demand is the most sort after type of martial art that one can ever hope to learn. The best thing about this martial art is that it can be learned at any age. If you are older than 35, it is still possible to learn this martial art and become a black belt. The art has been in existence for over half a century now and it has never failed to surprise people with its effectiveness in self defense.

The techniques used in BJJ do not emphasize striking, but instead focuses on ground fighting. The basic rule of this fighting technique is to subdue your opponent through the use of grappling and achieving a dominant position. Such positions include the mount, back mount, side control, chokeholds and Arm bars.

BJJ does not incorporate the use of weapons and instead places its emphasis on manipulating your opponents strength and weight against himself. This is especially important when facing multiple assailants.

It is therefore a highly effective art of self defense for everyone.

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This martial art form needs no special equipment and all you really need to start training is a good will and determination to learn.

BJJ has become more and more popular over the years due to being featured in various MMA competitions. It’s fun and effective and you get to learn how to defend yourself in real life situations.

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Chapter sixteen

Drake’s Revenge

I did the only thing that I could think of. I set out to kill all the ghouls in Drake’s crew, to rid myself of this curse.

It started with the ghouls that were my close friends. I lured them into dark allies or empty buildings and killed them there. It was fairly easy, they were no match for my speed or strength. After I had killed them I consumed their blood, as to take the edge off my hunger.

After a week I had killed all but two of the ghouls that were following Drake. Now my sights were set on Dawn and Drake himself. Dawn was always with Drake, which made her easy to find but Drake was never alone. He was usually with a few of his men. I was hesitant to attack in the day, since I had never tried to hunt during the day.

I wasn’t sure if I would burn up in the sun or if I would be able to survive it like I did with crosses.

After a few days of watching where Drake slept, I saw my opportunity to kill him and his second in command. Dawn was always with him but for some reason she wasn’t that night. It was now or never. I stood outside the window they were sitting beside and burst through the window landing on top of Drake and his man. They both had guns but they were too surprised to do anything as I tore them apart and fed on them.

It was only then that I realized what I had done, I had killed two humans in their sleep. I had become what I hunt. The irony was not lost on me.

I returned home to my empty basement to think about what I had done. I couldn’t dwell on it now, I had to decide how to handle Dawn. She would be able to ID me if she saw me. I decided the only way to handle it was to get her alone and kill her too.

I found out she was working the next night so I hid in an ally and transformed into a bat. I could go anywhere as a bat. As I flew towards the bar a police car passed by but didn’t see me. I continued to the bar and into the basement. I back into a corner and transformed back, waiting for dawn to come down.

It wasn’t long before she came in, surprising me as she always used the front door. She didn’t see me as she walked down the stairs. I could tell she was upset about something.

“Stupid jerk, he can die without my help.” I heard her say as she walked down.

I stood up and grabbed her before she could reach for the light switch.

Who are you?”

She screamed.

She tried to hit me but I was out of her reach, she realized that and started to try to run away instead.

“Please, I don’t want to kill you but you can’t be seen.” I told her.

Why are you helping me? Why did you kill the men who took me?”

She asked as she stopped running.

“They were going to kill you and besides they were bad people.” I answered, not wanting to go into detail about my story.

I could tell she still had fears but she trusted me enough to know I wouldn’t harm her.

“Well if you are going to kill me, do it now, otherwise let me go home.” She demanded.

I got her to agree to come with me so I wouldn’t have to kill anyone in the bar. I wasn’t sure I could without creating a scene. I flew us out of the ally and brought us back to my hideout. I left Dawn there as I went to go get some sleep since it had been a long night.

When I got back with some food, Dawn had made herself comfortable. She had watched TV, eaten some of my food and even tried on some of my clothes.

“I see you are settled in, you should make yourself at home, this could be your new home.” I said as I threw a sandwich towards her.

She easily caught it. “

What do you mean?

I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV ” I mean you live here now, this is your home.”

Are you going to kill me?”

She started to sound scared again.

“No, I’m not going to kill you. This is your home now, like I said make yourself at home.” I stated.

Dawn didn’t look convinced but she stopped questioning me. I knew it would take a while before she trust me enough to believe what I was telling her.

I spent the next few days getting Dawn settled in. I would go out at night to feed and soon Dawn was helping me do it. She was very helpful in this regard. We would fly into different back yards and use the trees to keep us hidden. Dawn would find people that were alone and most of the time she was right about if they would be a good feed or not.

Of course some people were just to stupid to realize that they shouldn’t be outside alone at night in the first place.

I made sure to always feed from the young and beautiful. I wanted Dawn to feel like she was the most important person in the world to me. Of course she already thought that way but I needed her trust in me to grow. I started to give her a few days between feedings, allowing her bloodlust to return. She never complained about it, just started to become anxious and more flirtatious.

I finally told her everything, what I was and how I had made her like I am. I explained that she was a nightwalker and would live for ever as long as she consumed blood on a regular basis. She didn’t believe me at first but soon came to realize that I was telling the truth. I also told her that I would be leaving soon and she would need to find a victim on her own. This is when she started to protest.

Why are you making me do this? You say you love me and want me to be happy, don’t you think that I am happiest when I’m with you?”

She questioned.

“I do love you Dawn and that’s why I am setting you free.” I said as I prepared to leave.

Where are you going to go?”

She asked.

“I have many places to stay, don’t worry about me. You just take care of yourself.

Think you can do that?”

I questioned in return.

“Of course I can!

But, why don’t we stay together?

I mean I know where all the good food is and you could still help me out if some nasty vamp comes after me.” She begged.