Microcycle Programming: Organize Your Training Week

Microcycle Programming: Organize Your Training Week

The idea behind microcycle programming is to organize your training week into different phases. These phases are divided into 2 types: macrocycles and mesocycles. Each phase has its own specific goals and objectives.

For example, the first phase is called “macro cycle” because it’s focused on building up strength and muscle mass while the second phase is called “mesocycle” because it’s focused on improving aerobic capacity.

In order to achieve these goals, you need to train each body part separately. You don’t want to do one exercise and then another exercise, or perform a few exercises and then rest for several days before doing them again. Instead, you have to split your training into separate phases so that you can focus on certain aspects of your training at any given time.

A good way to think about it is if you were going to build a house, you would start with the foundation and work your way up from there. Similarly, you have to divide your training into individual phases in order to get better results. By dividing your training into smaller segments, you will be able to improve faster than if all of your efforts were concentrated on one single task.

It is also important to note that the training week should be “cycled” in such a way that it takes advantage of certain types of workouts on different days. For example, you might perform higher volume on Mon-Thurs and higher intensity on Friday. Then you just repeat this cycle over again.

This allows you to constantly improve while avoiding overtraining or boredom.

So let’s break this all down and learn more about the different training phases…

The First Phase: Macrocycle

The first phase is the macrocycle. This phase lasts from 4 to 12 weeks and should be used mostly for building muscle. The goal of this phase is to increase your strength by increasing your overall muscle mass.

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To achieve this, you are going to be lifting heavier weights at lower reps on a consistent basis.

This is why this phase is referred to as the “hypertrophy” phase. This means you are going to be trying to increase your muscle size by lifting heavy weights and focusing on low reps (generally in the range of 6-12). You also want to take ample time to rest and recover between each workout so that you can build maximum amount of muscle mass in each muscle group.

This phase can also be used to achieve fat loss and conditioning. Since you are going to be focusing on heavy weight training with low reps, you are also going to simultaneously achieve a high rate of fat loss during this phase.

The Second Phase: Mesocycle

The next phase is the mesocycle. This phase usually lasts from 1 to 6 weeks and can be repeated several times in a macrocycle. This phase is going to be used mostly for improving your aerobic capacity.

Remember that this training program is designed to take advantage of different types of exercises on different days.

For example, on Mon-Thurs you might perform higher volume weight training sessions and only perform low intensity cardio (such as brisk walking). On Friday, you can perform higher intensity interval training. This is one way to approach alternating between different types of exercises in order to maximize results.