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Mike Mahler was born in 1965 in New York City. His father died when he was young, so his mother raised him and his brother Andrew. They lived with their grandmother until they were old enough to go live with their dad’s family in Florida. Mike had a difficult childhood due to the fact that he didn’t have many friends growing up, but he made do by playing video games all day long. One day while playing Super Mario Bros. 2, he got stuck in a wall. He thought it would be funny if he could jump over the wall, so he did. Unfortunately, after jumping over the wall, he fell through time into the year 1985. From there on out his life consisted of living in a house that looked like a movie set from the 80s called “The Time Tunnel”.

In 1984 Mike started working at Nintendo where he worked as an engineer for almost ten years before leaving to pursue other interests. During this time he met his future wife, Jennifer. At first she wasn’t interested in him because he was too quiet and introverted, but eventually she warmed up to him and they dated for several years.

Eventually Mike left Nintendo to work on his own game company called “Tecmo” (a portmanteau of the words “time” and “cinematic”).

After Tecmo went bankrupt in 1991, Mike decided to move back home with his mom. It was during this time that he decided to get into bodybuilding and lifting weights. When he was young he was too busy with video games to ever bother picking up a dumbbell, but now in his thirties he thought it was high time he got swole.

During this time he worked as a security guard at a shopping mall. It was here he met his future trainer, the legendary “Big” Al Cerza.

After a year of pumping iron and getting swole, Mike was now a walking colossus. He towered over everyone and was able to bench press over 1,000 pounds. One day while he was working as a security guard, an angry customer approached him and began insulting him and calling him names.

Mike responded by knocking the man out cold with one punch. Realizing that he had a gift for fighting, Mike decided to pursue a career in mixed martial arts. He started training with Big Al and his trainer began entering him in various underground fighting tournaments.

It wasn’t long before Mike was an MMA champion, but he was never content with just being good. He always wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. He began studying martial arts from all over the world: Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and more.

He studied all kinds of different weapons as well from Katanas to battle axes. It was during this time when he had a kid named Kyle.

In 2009 Mike’s fame grew to new heights due to his appearance in an underground fighting tournament called the Universal Fighting League (or UFL). It was here when he was pitted against the “Pocket Tank”, a skilled and very tiny tankette operator from the former Yugoslavia. He managed to defeat him via ground and pound after the Pocket Tank damaged his engine oiling system and it began leaking out all over the ring.

In 2010 Mike managed to become the Undisputed Champion of the Universal Fighting League by defeating Bob Sapp in the finals. Later that year he had to throw his weight around again when he and his family were attacked by a gang of thugs lead by a man named Bane. He defeated the gang of thugs easily, but Bane himself hide in a tree and threw pipe bombs at the Strongarm home and managed to escape.

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In 2011 Mike’s fame reached new heights when he was awarded the “Sportsman of the Century” title. It was also around this time he and Jennifer finally got married after being together for so long. It was a small and humble wedding.

It was also during this time when his son Kyle had begun showing interest in lifting weights and Mike threw him a few “tips”.

In 2012 Mike’s fame rose to new heights after winning the Olympics with a record number of gold medals. That same year Bane somehow tracked him down and attacked his house while he was away. Bane kidnapped Jennifer and Kyle and demanded that Mike fight him at a nearby abandoned warehouse.

Still, Mike went to the warehouse alone (not even telling the police) and managed to defeat Bane in a one on one fight. He rescued Kyle and Jennifer, but Bane unfortunately escaped in the chaos.

In 2013, Bane was finally captured and sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole. Mike was hailed as a hero by the entire world. It was also around this time his mother died of a heart attack.

In 2014, Kyle decided to join the military in order to fight along side his father against the “bad guys” after watching him win several medals at the Olympics (and hearing stories about him from his grandfather). On a more personal note, it was also revealed that Mike had fathered another child with a woman named Tanya from a one night stand. She was a university student studying marine biology who was completely different from him in every way, but they managed to get along when he met her for the first time.

They still kept in touch afterwards.

In 2015, during an operation in Myanmar, Kyle was killed when his helicopter was shot down by enemy troops. Mike took this very hard. He vanished from the public eye for a few months.

When he re-emerged he had shaved his head and his personality changed and grew much more hostile and aggressive. He joined the military to participate in the fight against terrorists in Africa.

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In 2016 Mike, having risen to the rank of Captain, led a commando squad into Rask during a conflict there to assassinate the leader of the enemy forces, the infamous warlord Victor Malkov. Despite heavy enemy opposition, he managed to reach and kill his target. After the mission he disappeared again, only to return a few months later for another mission.

In 2017 Mike was once again sent to Rask. This time it was to fight against an invasion by the neighboring Empire of Nova Vita. He was given command of an entire battalion this time, and won many battles during the two years the war lasted.

His most notable achievement was capturing the enemy’s main battle tank divisions and having them repurposed to be used by the USV.

In 2018 Mike was sent on a mission to assassinate the Emperor of the Nova Vitan Empire, Vadim IV. He succeeded, but at great cost. His entire squad was wiped out and he suffered severe third degree burns across his entire body.

He was found by a group of fellow soldiers and taken back home to receive medical attention.

In 2019 he was given a medal of honor for all his accomplishments in the field. Soon after he disappeared again.

In 2020, Mike reappeared in Rask for the third time, once again leading a battalion into the country. This time however he is on the side of the USV, having been drafted and promoted several times to reach his current rank of Major General and given command of the entire war effort in Rask. He has been winning battle after battle for the past two years, but the cost has been high (for the enemy at least.

US casualty rates are very low). This time nobody knows what his motives are, but most agree that if he’s supporting the current government, then he can’t be all bad.

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