Mike Sheridan

Mike Sheridan’s Background:

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mike Sheridan grew up with a passion for sports and exercise. His father was a retired police officer and his mother worked at the local hospital. At age 10, he began training to become a professional wrestler. By 16 years old, he had won all but one of his matches. After winning the world championship in 1999, he became known as “The World’s Strongest Man.” He was named Mr.

Olympia five times.

In 2000, he decided to turn pro again and went from strength coach to trainer. He trained some of the biggest names in bodybuilding such as Ronnie Coleman, Rich Piana, Mark Bell, Gary Coleman and others.

He started his own gym called Muscle Media in 2003 where he taught a variety of methods for building muscle including resistance training and cardio. He also did seminars around the country on various topics related to fitness.

Sheridan is a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and holds several certifications. He is certified in NSCA Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. He is also is a USAW Sports Performance Coach (Level 1), a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, a Performance Coach (Level 2), a Sports Coach (Level 3) and Performance Enhancement Specialist. He has also been trained in Eric Cressey’s C.H.E.K Method, which stands for “Challenge, Honesty, Empathy and Kindness”.

Through his various training methods, he focuses on developing muscle and improving fitness. In addition, he has also worked with a number of professional athletes and bodybuilders. These include Rich Piana, who won the Mr. California title in 2014.

Sheridan’s Training Techniques:

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“I have to admit that when I first heard about DDP YOGA I was very skeptical about it working for me since I’ve tried so many other things in the past. From what I heard it sounded like a bunch of Hocus-Pocus. But since I was desperate to get back in shape and try anything at that point, I figured I would give it a try. Fortunately for me Mr. Piana convinced me to go to a free seminar and learn more about it before making up my mind whether I liked it or not.

The funny thing is I didn’t actually end up going to the seminar. I got wrapped up into some other things and just never got around to going.

However, a few weeks later I was flipping channels and came across the DDP YOGA infomercial showing how it works and I have to admit it looked very interesting so I decided to buy the program. When it arrived in the mail a couple days later I started going through it and took notes on everything. I read through it a couple of times and then went through it a third time and highlighted parts that I thought were important. Then before I actually tried any of the techniques in the book, I decided to watch the infomercial one more time.

To my surprise Diamond Dallas Page was demonstrating many of the same exercises that were in the book! Then it dawned on me that the reason why he was showing some of them is because they were also part of his core training program. I actually own that program on VHS and had forgotten all about it since I hadn’t looked at it in so long. I ended up trading it away when I switched to a different gym six years ago!

After watching the infomercial one more time I was ready to finally try out this system for myself. To my surprise it really did work and I started seeing results very quickly. I’ve lost more than 50 pounds using this program and it’s the easiest plan I’ve ever been on. To be honest I don’t even feel like I’m working out at all. All I do is watch the infomercial one more time before I go to sleep and then follow along with it while I lie in bed.

I didn’t think that something like this would ever work for me but now that I’ve lost all this weight I feel great! I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. I don’t get winded anymore when I walk up the stairs and I don’t feel like I’m lugging around a 50-pound barbell in my stomach anymore! If you would like to feel like you’re in your 20’s again then I highly recommend this program. Just make sure you buy the right one so you get the one that DDP himself uses.

It’s called DDP YOGA and you can find out more about it by visiting the link below.

If you would like to see the video I mentioned in this article just click on the link below:

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How to Properly Clean and Store Your Mattress

Cleaning your mattress is one of those things that most of us just ignore until it’s completely disgusting and full of dust mites or bed bugs. However, this can be extremely dangerous for your health as your mattress harbors a whole ecosystem of different types of harmful bacteria and other microscopic organisms.

Most of these organisms are invisible to the naked eye and go unnoticed, but if you’ve ever had allergies or unexplained rashes, it could be from your dirty mattress. Not to mention, there have been cases where people have fallen ill or in rare cases died because of the unhealthy environment their mattresses provided for the dust mites that live in them. Yikes!

Mold and other harmful things grow under your sheets and pillow every night which no one wants to think about. Not to mention dust mites, pet dander and what kind of fluids your mattress could be absorbing. Think about it. You sweat every night. There are times you might even get a little damp from some other activities.

Combine that with the natural moisture we secrete and it’s the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow.

If you think this only happens with used mattresses, think again. Even the most expensive mattresses can start growing mold if they aren’t taken care of properly.

Did you know that the pillow you sleep on every night is one of the dirtiest places in your house?

This is because it’sakuwa usally hot and damp and the perfect breeding ground for dust mites.

No matter how much you clean your mattress it’s almost impossible to keep them completely free from harmful organisms. This is why it’s important to PROTECT your mattress and keep it as germ free as possible. Here are some tips on how to clean and store your mattress so you can get the most out of it and keep your family safe from harmful bacteria.

Storing Your Mattress When You Buy a New One

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Mattresses can be pretty heavy and if you’re moving one upstairs this can be quite the challenge for one or two people. However, this is also a good way to harm your back or even give yourself a hernia if you lift anything heavier than you can handle. There is a better way and that is to use a box spring moving device.

These handy little gadgets are designed just for lifting up and down box springs and mattresses. Using one is extremely easy. All you do is hook the clamps over the box spring or mattress and then lift it up or lower it. You can even turn tight corners with these devices and move them up or down flights of stairs with minimal effort.

These are pretty cheap to acquire. You can get a good quality one for about $75. This is definitely money well spent if you hate moving heavy things yourself.

Mattress Cleaning and Storage Protectors

These are basically large zippered bags made with a vinyl or polyurethane material that is safe to sleep on or around. Most of them come with handles for easy lifting and most even have wheels at the bottom. The best type are the ones that have an attached internal frame so you can simply roll it around like a suitcase.

They are very easy to use. You just place your mattress into it and then zip it up.

Now, these protectors aren’t designed to make your bed bug proof. If you have an infestation then they will still be able to get in, but they will have a much harder time getting out. This will give you more time to get a professional in to get rid of them before they start biting you or your family.

Washing Your Mattress

Your mattress isn’t going to be one of those things you’re going to clean every week. In fact it can probably go several months before it even needs a good scrubbing. This is assuming you have a regular pillow top or an old fashioned feather bed. If you have a water proof mattress, then obviously these tips won’t work for you.

The first thing you’ll want to do is open up all the windows in your bedroom. If you have a fan, turn it on too.

You will then want to make a saturated solution of water and a mild cleaning agent. The simplest ones to use are Ivory Snow or an all-purpose cleaner like 409. Don’t use anything with bleach or harsh chemicals as these can damage the fabric on your mattress and possibly cause an allergic reaction to you or your family when you sleep on it afterward.

After you have your cleaning solution ready, take a soft bristle brush and scrub in small circles over the stain. Work from the outside of the stain towards the middle. If the stain doesn’t seem to be going away, then make a new cleaner with a stronger concentration and try again.

Mike Sheridan - | Gym Fit Workout

Once the stain is gone, take a towel and ring it out well. Hold it over the stain and spritz it with water until it’s almost dry. Then take a second towel and ring it out well. Place this one on top of the first one and spritz it with water too. Continue doing this until the towels have absorbed most of the moisture.

Then place a heavy object on top of them to press out the rest of the water.

After that, take your brush and brush the entire mattress to work out any remaining wrinkles or creases.

Once your mattress is dry you can use an all-purpose spray to give it a protective coating.

By doing these simple steps, you can easily extend the life of your mattress by several years and save money by not having to buy a new one.

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