Missed Attempt: The CrossFit Liftoff Was Just CrossFit

The CrossFit Games Team Workouts

CrossFit Games Training Programs are designed to train athletes to perform at their best during competition. These programs are based on the most effective training methods used by top level competitors in order to prepare them for events such as the CrossFit Games. They have been developed with input from coaches, athletes, and other experts in order to provide a high quality program that will allow participants to compete at their very best.

The CrossFit Games are open to all individuals who meet the following criteria:

Athlete must be a legal resident of the United States (i.e., not currently competing in any sanctioned sport) Competitors may only participate in one event per workout and may not compete in more than two different events within a single workout or week. Participants may not compete in more than three different events within a single week.

In addition to these requirements, each athlete must submit to a background check prior to being allowed into the Games. Background checks include but are not limited to: drug testing, psychological screening, and criminal record search. All athletes will receive a waiver if they do not wish to undergo this background check process.

CrossFit Team Series Event 1: The Worm – 150 Reps

Time Cap: 23 Minutes

Description: Load the barbell with 55% of your bodyweight then perform 150 reps of your choice of pull-ups, chin-ups, or dips in any order you choose. The athletes score will be the total reps completed before the time cap.

Warnings: The barbell will be added or removed based upon the athlete’s weight. If the barbell is not removed at the conclusion of the event, the athlete and their coach will be subject to penalties for an incomplete rep.

The Worm

Missed Attempt: The CrossFit Liftoff Was Just CrossFit - GYM FIT WORKOUT

This is a common assault technique taught to law enforcement officers. In its most common form, one officer puts an arm around the throat of a suspect and grabs the suspect’s wrist with his other hand. He then jams the suspect’s arm up his back, handcuffing the suspect. This is a very useful maneuver, and you will learn it first.

Later, we will see how it applies to endurance training.

The first step is to grab the wrist of your training partner. This will be your right hand. Your left hand goes around the neck of your partner. Do not squeeze the neck yet.

You want to strangle him later, after you’ve handcuffed him. For now, you just need to control the arm.

Take a small step forward with your right leg, and turn your body at a forty-five degree angle. This will give you great stability and prevent your partner from surging forward to resist your pressure.

To begin the handcuffing procedure, bend your right elbow and pull his right wrist upward. At the same time, drive your left shoulder into his upper arm. This will turn his upper arm inwards, putting pressure on the joint and rendering the arm useless.

Continue to pull up on his right arm, and drive in with your left shoulder. At this point, your partner will feel a great deal of pain in his shoulder and he will probably be quite willing to surrender. If he doesn’t, you may have to break his arm before he learns.

If you need to subdue a suspect who is resisting arrest, follow the same pattern as above. Put your arm across his throat, grab his wrist with your other hand, and pull. He may try to resist by leaning back or pulling forward. In this case, drive forward with your leg and push him backward.

If he leans to the side, drive him back toward the center.

Missed Attempt: The CrossFit Liftoff Was Just CrossFit - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Note: The key to a successful take down is balance and driving force. He cannot resist you if you are positioned better than he, and you are pushing him in a straight line rather than at an angle.

A Word On Tactics

As a peace officer, you will need to control violent people who are trying to hurt you. The tactics you have learned here will allow you to quickly bring the advantage to your side. While the tactics are simple, their application is complicated by numerous factors. These are speed, distance, position, pain tolerance, and courage.

Speed is fairly obvious. The quicker fighter has an advantage. As the saying goes, “Fast enough to win.” Although speed is not always enough, it is a part of almost every other factor.

Distance is also important. The farther away you are, the less danger you are in. Your ability to strike your opponent and his ability to strike you are greatly reduced at a distance. At extreme distances, striking becomes impossible, and grappling hardly better.

A wise fighter will keep his fights at a distance. This is why law enforcement officers learn to master weapons such as firearms and batons that have longer ranges than most attacks.

Your position relative to your opponent also determines how easily you can strike him. Some positions, such as being directly in front or behind, are advantageous because strikes can be readily applied. Being to the sides or rear is less ideal because the opponent can only be struck by swinging around which takes more time. Also, many positions can be used to trap an opponent, either by grabbing limbs or closing off the space he can move in.

Once the opponent is trapped he is at your mercy.

Missed Attempt: The CrossFit Liftoff Was Just CrossFit - | Gym Fit Workout

The ability to ignore pain is also a factor. In hand to hand combat, pain will almost certainly be present. The most successful fighters can ignore the pain of a strike and continue to fight effectively.

Courage is also a major factor. A timid fighter will lose to a more skilled, more courageous one. An intelligent fighter will know his limitations and pick fights he knows he can win.

Remember that the human body was not designed to take a beating. If you must fight, try to aim for critical areas such as the head, spine, and organs. The bones in the head are easy to break and cause extreme pain, if not death. The spine is easily broken, which paralyses or kills the target.

Organs such as the heart, ifpulse, and lungs can cause a quick death if destroyed. However, critical areas are also the hardest to hit. Always use caution when attacking.

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BONUS: After this message, you will find three short stories set in the same “world” as The Hunter.

The first is a short story written a long time ago called The Hunt. This deal is not valid for anyone who has read it before.

The second is a short story about the adventures of Mikhail during the events that led up to the Battle for Fort Defiance. This story is only available here!

Missed Attempt: The CrossFit Liftoff Was Just CrossFit - Picture

The third is a preview of the first novel in a series called Tales of the Troubleshooters.


The Hunt

A cold wind blew through the trees surrounding the small clearing. The only sound that could be heard was the occasional howl of a wolf. In the center of the clearing two figures grappled with each other. A short distance away, leaning against a tree, a third figure watched the struggle in silence.

This watcher was dressed in furs and leathers and had long blond hair and a sword hanging by his side.

The two figures in the center of the clearing wore hoods to conceal their faces. The only thing that could be seen was that one was a man and the other was a woman. They wrestled furiously, rolling over the ground, each trying to get the advantage over the other. Finally, the woman managed to pull herself on top of the man and grabbed his dagger from his belt.

The woman raised the blade and was about to drive it into the man’s chest when the watcher stepped forward.

“Stop,” he commanded in a voice used to giving orders. The woman looked up at him and then stood up, walking away from the man. The man, seeing that he was now alone, also got up and quickly walked over to the watcher.

“Thank you, sir! I thank you for your assistance and shall always be in your debt!” he said. His hood fell back, revealing a youthful yet determined face.

How did you end up in this predicament, Kit?”

the watcher asked, studying the woman carefully. The woman stared at the man, her brown eyes filled with hatred. She opened her mouth to speak but then stopped abruptly.

Missed Attempt: The CrossFit Liftoff Was Just CrossFit - Picture

“I’d rather not say,” the man replied. The woman’s gaze flickered from the man to the watcher and back again. There was an uncomfortable silence as all three individuals tried to look anywhere but at each other. Finally, the watcher broke the silence.

“Come with me, you two. There’s something I need to show you.”

He turned and walked away. The man and the woman briefly exchanged glances, shrugged, and followed after him. They walked through the woods for almost an hour in complete silence.

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