Mothers Supporting Mothers Builds a Positive Gym Experience

The following are some of the main points:

1) The importance of having positive relationships with your children.

You don’t have to tell them everything, but you need to show them that you care enough about them to share all your knowledge. They will appreciate it and you’ll feel good about yourself. You might even learn something new!

2) How important it is for mothers to support their families financially and emotionally during pregnancy and childbirth.

3) What kind of parenting styles work best for children.

Some parents are more involved than others. There is no right way to raise a child; there is only the way you want to raise one.

4) Why it’s important to build strong bonds with your kids before they become teenagers and start dating and getting into trouble.

5) How important it is to have a supportive partner who helps you out when needed.

A father is always there for his family, so why shouldn’t a mother be there for hers?


What kind of role does the father play in raising his children? Does he take responsibility for them or does he just watch from afar while other adults do most of the work? Is it better if he takes on more responsibilities or less?

7) Why it’s important to have a strong family unit. Families are very important in our society. They provide emotional support and love when you need it most. They are always there for you, no questions asked.

A great resource for learning more about this topic: The Psychology of Parenting


Mothers Supporting Mothers Builds a Positive Gym Experience - from our website

Ways to get out of working:

Pregnancy (2 years)

Childcare issues (Year 1)

Domestic violence (3 months)

Long-term mental health problems (1 year)

Serious illness (1 year)

Severely disabling accident (4 months)

Severe PTSD (6 months)

Mothers Supporting Mothers Builds a Positive Gym Experience - gym fit workout

Death of immediate family member (3 months)

Victim of burglary (1 month)

Still living with parents (1 month)

Being a student (9 months)

Abandoned cleaning of own feces (3 weeks)

Mental age of 6 (9 months)

Electrical burns (2 months)


A woman is reading a parenting magazine and comes across an article about birth control. She reads the first method: Using towels.

“That’s ridiculous,” she says out loud. “

Who would use towels?”

She turns to the next page and reads the header for the next method: “Using your mother’s refrigerator.”

“Now that,” she says, “sounds much more reasonable.”

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There was a well-known child psychologist who used to boast that he could make any child go from zero to hero simply by talking with them for 10 minutes. A reporter overheard him and decided to test the famed psychologist’s boasting. She went to a random kindergarten class and chose one of the students at random. She set up an appointment with the psychologist who waited patiently as the little boy hopped into his chair. After a few moments of silence, the psychologist began to talk.

He started asking simple questions like: “Who are you? How old are you? Do you go to school?” When the boy didn’t answer, the psychologist continued with slightly more complex questions such as: “Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do you like school?”

But the young boy still didn’t answer and just sat there with a blank look on his face.

After a few moments, the psychologist became frustrated and threw his hands in the air saying, “Look at you. You’re not even smart enough to know how to answer simple questions. You’re nothing! You’ll never be anything! You’re a zero!”

The little boy burst into tears and ran out of the office.

The psychologist turned to the reporter and said, “See?

I told you he was a zero! He couldn’t even answer simple questions!” The reporter handed the psychologist her card and said, “I’m sure you’re right, but I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that you called him a ZERO before he even answered one of your questions. Sometimes we need to think before we speak.

The psychologist read the card and replied, “Well, you might have a point, but you should know that speech was only a small part of my treatment. I also was going to give him electric shocks, but we ran out of time!”


A couple is lying in bed one night. The husband feels his wife fondling him and he likes it.

He turns to his wife and asks, “Are you hungry?”

The wife says, “Well, now that you mention it, I could go for some chow mein.”

The husband gets up and there is a knock at the door. He opens the door and finds a box of chow mein on the doorstep. He picks it up and brings it back to bed. His wife is excited.

She turns to him and says, “Are you still hungry?”

The husband smiles and says, “Well now that you mention it, I’m kind of thirsty.

Get me a beer would you?”


She turns to him and says, “Are you still thirsty?”

He says, “Well, now that you mention it, I could go for a blowjob.”

She turns to him and says, “Are you kidding me? You got me up here for a blowjob?”

The husband says, “Well, I though…hey where are you going?”

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The wife replies, “I’m going downstairs to sleep with your brother!”

The husband says, “But I thought you were tired.”

The wife says, “I was and still am…that’s why I woke you up to have a quickie.”

The husband replies, “But I thought you were hungry.”

The wife says, “I was and still am…that’s why I asked you to get me something to eat.”

The husband says, “But I thought you wanted a blowjob.”

The wife says, “I did and still do…that’s why I asked you to go out and get chow mein!

Now did you get it or not?

The husband says, “Yeah it’s out in the hall.”

The wife exclaims, “Well what the hell is it doing out there?

You told me you got it!”

The husband says, “Yeah I did. I also asked you if you were still hungry and thirsty and if you still wanted the blowjob. You said you still were so I figured you must have been outside collecting the things while I was getting the chow mein.”


A couple is in bed on a Saturday morning. The husband sits up and looks at his wife and speaks: “Since we got married, I have respected you, loved you, cared for you, fulfilled your every sexual desire and wish. I have never once complained about anything, despite the fact that you gain weight. Now, I am keeping in mind that you have gained weight, but be aware: Starting today, I will satisfy one of my own desires everyday.”

Mothers Supporting Mothers Builds a Positive Gym Experience - | Gym Fit Workout

The wife, always up for a little kinky fun, naturally is intrigued.

She looks at him with a bit of curiosity and asks “What exactly are you talking about?”

The husband replies “Well, today I want to go to the zoo and…’penetrate’ a penguin.”

The wife pauses for a moment, before replying “OK honey, if that’s what you want to do.”

The husband quickly dresses and goes to the zoo. When he returns that evening, the wife can’t help but ask how it went. She is relieved to hear that despite some initial difficulties, he managed to ‘penetrate’ a penguin.

Now, the wife doesn’t want to ruin her husband’s fun and is excited to try this herself, so on Sunday morning, she dresses up and the pair of them set out for the zoo.

Naturally, the husband is pretty randy by the time they reach the zoo. The plan is for him to ‘penetrate’ a penguin as soon as possible.

They enter the zoo and the husband sets off at a sprint. It turns out, there’s not much to do at the zoo on a Sunday morning, so they soon spot the penguin exhibit and he makes a beeline straight for it. He jumps over the little fence and runs up to the penguins. He tries to get their attention, but they are rather uninterested and just waddle away from him. The zookeepers notice what’s going on and quickly grab him, throwing him out of the exhibit.

The wife waits outside and after 20 minutes of arguing back and forth with the zookeepers, he is finally ejected from the zoo. They set off home.

The next day, the wife suggests that maybe they should go to the funfair.

“I think I can probably manage another day without penetrating a penguin, let’s go to the funfair.”

The husband agrees and they set off. They have a great time, but halfway through, the husband suddenly says he has to go. He grabs his wife’s hand and quickly starts running to the exit.

He says “How much money do you have on you?”

She replies “About $30 or so.


He says “I want to put some bets on the dogs. I think my system is going to make me a fortune, but we need to get there quickly.”

Mothers Supporting Mothers Builds a Positive Gym Experience - from our website

She’s worried about leaving in the middle of a funfair, but he seems very adamant, so she follows him.

On the way out, they pass a stall with a big tank of fish near the entrance. Without stopping he looks at the fish, then glances at his wife for a moment before stopping. He leans in to get a closer look at the fish, before sticking his hands into the tank and grabbing one of the fish.

He quickly drops it into his pocket and walks out of the fair.

The wife is confused, but doesn’t say anything as they head back home.

After dinner that night, his attention turns back to the fish. He takes it out of his pocket and holds it in his hand, staring at it. He’s about to do something but then pauses.



she replies.

“Would you mind if I…” he begins to say, before being interrupted by the sound of their little girl entering the room.

Mom? Dad? What’s that?”

she yells, pointing at the fish.

Mothers Supporting Mothers Builds a Positive Gym Experience - | Gym Fit Workout

“Ew, it’s a fish!” she says, before turning to her parents. “

Why does dad have a fish in his hand?”

“I don’t know honey.” replies the wife.

Can I see it?”

she asks.

The father thinks for a moment, then says “I suppose so.”

He passes it to their daughter who takes a look at it. She wrinkles her nose and says “Ew! It’s all slimy!”

“That’s just the way they are.” her father says.

He takes the fish back and sits down. “I was going to…”

He stops and listens as his daughter speaks.

Why is it all wet?”

she asks, wiping the fish slime on her nightie.

Mothers Supporting Mothers Builds a Positive Gym Experience - Image

As she does so, her owner notices a stain appearing on the front of his daughters clothes.

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