My Transition From Professional Baseball to Competitive CrossFit

The transition from professional baseball to competitive crossfit was not easy. I had played professional baseball since 2005. After my last season with the San Diego Padres, I decided to pursue a different path and try out for the Oakland A’s. I started working out twice per day (I’m still doing it) and trying out various programs at CrossFit gyms around the Bay Area. One of them was CrossFit Turlock which is located near where I live in Northern California.

My first experience at CrossFit Turlock was pretty bad. I didn’t have any clue what I was doing and couldn’t do anything other than some basic push ups and situps. However, after my second week there, things changed!

I felt like I could actually perform more complex movements such as pull ups or dips without having to rely on assistance work.

And the best thing?

The workouts were all free! So much for “free” being bad…

After my second month at CrossFit Turlock, I signed up for their affiliate in San Francisco. That was when things really got good. They offered me a spot in their beginner class and I loved it!

For the next six months, I worked hard every single day to get better and improve myself so that one day I would be able to compete against guys half my age.

My first competition was the Nor-Cal Open in 2013. Although I didn’t place that well against guys half my age, I was awarded the sportsmanship award for being the “Most Supportive”. I guess my background in professional sports really helped me out!

After the competition I was hooked and have been doing more competitions every year since then.

In 2014, I decided to travel around to various competitions to test myself against other top athletes in events that I enjoyed.

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