No Equipment Needed: 9 Bodyweight Training Articles and Workout Programs

No Equipment Needed: 9 Bodyweight Training Articles and Workout Programs

Bodyweight Strength & Flexibility

The following are some of the most popular exercises for building muscle mass and improving your overall health. They’re all great ways to stay fit without any equipment. You don’t need fancy machines or expensive supplements either! These are just basic, effective methods that will work for anyone.

1. Push Ups – Push ups are one of the simplest and easiest exercises to learn.

If you’ve ever tried them before, then you’ll know how easy they are to do. All it takes is a little practice and repetition to build up your push up skills quickly.

2. Pull Up – Pull ups are another simple exercise that’s very useful for developing upper body strength and endurance.

They’re also good for developing grip strength which helps with many other exercises such as hanging leg raises.

3. Crunches – Crunches are another great way to strengthen your core muscles and improve balance.

They’re especially beneficial if you have back pain or tend to fall over easily when walking around.

4. Planks – Planking is a great way to stretch out your legs while strengthening your abs and glutes (butt).

It’s a very useful exercise that’s fairly easy to learn.

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5. High Knees – This is an active running exercise for warming up or cooling down after a run.

It helps stretch out your calves and also strengthens leg muscles a little bit.

6. Lunges – This is an upper body and lower body exercise, specifically targeting your quadriceps and hamstrings while also working your chest, core and arms to a lesser degree.

7. Jumping Jacks – These are another great warm up or cool down exercise.

They’re very simple and can be done anywhere as long as you have enough room to move your arms and legs freely.

8. Hand Walking – This exercise is a great way to strengthen your grip and forearm muscles.

It’s fairly easy to learn and you can practice it pretty much anywhere there’s a sturdy horizontal surface above you (e.g. railing, table, ledge).

9. Push-Offs – This is similar to hand walking in that it targets your grip and forearms, but instead of doing all the work yourself, you push off objects to help propel your body forward.

This is a great exercise for people with reduced grip strength or people who have trouble holding onto things for too long.

Bodyweight Strength Training Program

If you want to try a pre-planned workout routine then the following 4-week program should be just what you need. It contains a comprehensive list of workouts that you can do without any equipment. Give yourself 2 days rest between each session to let your muscles recover and get stronger.

1. Week: The Program Starts

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Things get underway slowly to let you test out how your body reacts to the exercises. All you have to do is perform circuit 1 three times with at least 3 minutes break between each circuit and then finish off with 15 minutes of low intensity cardio.

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