Not Just for the Dogs: Roasted Marrow Bone Recipe

Roasted Marrow Bones For Dogs?

You may have heard that roasted marrow bones are good for your dog’s health. You might even have tried it yourself.

But what if there was another way? What if you could make them at home without spending money or time in a restaurant kitchen? Would you give up eating meat altogether just because of one meal from a roast bone? Or would you still eat meat, but with less animal products like blood and fat?

The answer is yes! I’ve been making roasted marrow bones for years now. And they’re not only good for my own health, but they’re also delicious! They taste so much better than store bought ones. (And don’t forget, you can use any kind of meat!)

I’m sure you’ve seen recipes online where someone has made their own bones using ground beef or chicken. These recipes usually call for roasting the bones until they turn black. While these recipes sound tasty, I haven’t found them very practical.

So why not do it yourself?

You can easily roast your own bones using a gas grill or oven. Here’s how:

How To Make Roasted Marrow Bones At Home

1) Find A Place With An Open Fire Grill Or Oven That Can Hold Your Whole Family Safely In The Area.

2) Buy About 1-4lbs Of Any Cut Of Meat Or Fish.

(I Usually Go With Chuck Roast, Flank Steak, Or Rabbit)

3) Cut The Meat In Small Portions.

It Should Be About The Same Thickness As A Pencil And About 2 Inches Long. Place In A Specially Designated Pan.

4) Place Your Meat On The Grates Of The Open Fire Grill (Or In The Oven).

Not Just for the Dogs: Roasted Marrow Bone Recipe - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Make Sure The Grates Are Covered With Ash.

5) Turn On The Fire Until You See The Fat Dripping Off The Meat.

Turn Over The Meat With A Fork While It’s Still On The Grates.

6) Once You’ve Turned Over The Last Piece, You Should See Some Of The Fatty Parts Turning Black.

That’s How You Know It’s Ready. It’ll Also Smell Delicious!

7) Take The Meat Off The Fire And Let It Sit For About 10 Minutes.

Then Using A Specially Designated Knife (It Should Be Dull And Rough), Peel Back The Blackened Fat To Reveal The Soft, Melty, Delicious Marrow.

There you have it! A delicious meal that’s easy to make and super fun for the whole family! If you enjoyed this project, please try some of my other tutorials listed below. Bon appetit!

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