Obtaining Beast Powers Through Martial Arts

The power of the moon was in your eyes. You could see it shining brightly from the top of the hill. Your body felt light and you were able to run faster than before. That was because you had gained the ability to fly through some sort of magic spell or something similar.

You didn’t know what kind of creature that would be, but if there really existed such thing then its effects are limited only by your imagination.

In any case, you were still too far away from the city to make out anything clearly. You just saw a bright light which made you feel very comfortable.

“I think I’m going to sleep now…” you say while lying down on the grassy hillside.

A few minutes later, you heard a noise coming from above and then suddenly the sky turned dark again. Then darkness engulfed everything once more.

“…what the hell?” you ask yourself. “

What the hell happened?”

You looked up at the sky and saw nothing but blackness. You couldn’t even tell where you were anymore; you just knew that you weren’t in your own home anymore.

Something was definitely wrong with the world around you, but what exactly?

You don’t remember ever having been here before. The only thing you could do for now was to stand up and explore your surroundings.

You looked around the hill once more with the intent on finding the city where you could head toward. But then, you saw a little figure standing at the bottom of the hill.

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