Of Muscles and Might: The Lead-In Program

Of Muscles and Might: The Lead-In Program

The Lead-In Program: A Must Have For Your Gym!

Lead-in programs are essential for any gym owner or trainer. They allow your clients to get into the best shape possible before they start training with weights.

If you don’t have one, then you need to get one immediately! You will not only save yourself money, but you’ll also make sure that your clients won’t suffer from overtraining syndrome (OTS).

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t had much experience with lead-in programs. But if you’ve ever been to a gym where weightlifting equipment was provided free of charge, chances are that it’s because the owner or manager felt the need to provide some sort of incentive for people to use their facility.

These incentives usually include things such as free weights, free cardio machines, and so forth.

Unfortunately, most of the time these businesses do not have a lead-in program in place to help protect their clients from overuse injuries. If they did, most of their members wouldn’t experience arm and shoulder problems, back pain, knee pain, and other common ailments.

Why do so many people get OTS?

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