Off to a Running Start: 6 Tips to Get You Ready to Run

Off to a Running Start: 6 Tips to Get You Ready to Run

The first thing you need to do is get yourself fit. There are many ways of doing it, but most importantly, exercise! Exercise will keep your body healthy and strong. If you don’t have time or energy for regular exercise then at least try jogging or walking around the block once every other day.

If you’re not sure what kind of exercises you should do, there are plenty of books and videos available online. A good place to look is the internet. Searching for “exercise” will bring up lots of useful information. Some popular ones include:

Exercising regularly will make you feel better mentally and physically, which will improve your mood and increase your confidence. Regular exercise helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer etc.

A healthy diet is essential if you want to stay fit. Eat a balanced diet with varied foods. Avoid processed food and fast foods like candy, chips, soda pop and so forth. These things tend to cause weight gain over time.

Also avoid eating too much sugar and refined carbohydrates like white flour breads, pastas, rice cakes etc., which are known to raise cholesterol levels and increase the risk of obesity.

Another way of staying fit is through physical activity (PA). Physical activity can improve or maintain physical fitness and can also improve psychological health. It includes all physical reactions that affect our body such as muscle action, metabolism, cardiopulmonary function and neural activity. Physical activity not only helps burn fat but also strengthens bones and muscles.

When muscles contract they require more energy which in turn burns more calories and thus prevents gaining of weight.

The last tip is to drink lots of water! Water helps your body flush out waste. It is important to drink water as much as you can because it will eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle. Drinking plenty of water a day will also make you feel less hungry so you eat less and therefore lose weight (or maintain a healthy weight).

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As a result, your energy levels will increase and you’ll feel better overall.

All the tips mentioned above are very important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So remember to always be kind to your body. Give it the food it needs and exercise on a regular basis. If you do this, you’ll feel less pain in your body and will be in a better mood overall.

So, take care of yourself and always remember to live life healthily!

Doesn’t it sound appealing? Doesn’t it make you want to just get out there right now and take a stroll or jog around the park or your neighborhood?

It certainly does for me, but I know some of you may be reading this and scoffing at the very idea of exercise. You may even be reading this and already in great shape and still scoffing at the idea that you need to exercise.

And to you I say, what are you scoffing at? Are you scoffing at the fact that exercise is good for you and will help you lead a better life or are you scoffing at yourself and your lack of discipline?

If it’s the first then this paragraph is for you. Exercise is necessary to live a long and healthy life. It will make you stronger both physically and mentally. Not to mention it relieves stress. If you’re an expectant mother and you exercise, research shows that it will make your labor shorter and easier. If you’re a father then exercise will prepare you for the many challenges of raising a child. It also strengthens your bond with your child as they watch you undertake this great challenge called parenthood. They will learn from your dedication. In short, exercise is necessary for everyone. We were not meant to sit on couches and watch t.v. all day. We were meant to live life to the fullest.

From this point forward you need to ask yourself, “Do I like the person I am or would I like to be a better person?”

If the answer is the latter then follow these simple steps. Get off your butt and go exercise! Stop making excuses. Think about what you’re doing and how it’ll effect you in the future. You may think that it’s harmless to sit around and eat chips all day, but it’s not. If you continue on that path it will lead to more unhealthy habits and eventually death.

Is that what you want? To end up rotting six feet under just because you didn’t want to take care of yourself?

I certainly hope not. Be the person you want to be and at least try exercise for a healthy body and a healthier mind.

Don’t forget, this is for you!

That’s all I have to say on this subject. I hope you take it to heart because this is for your benefit, not mine. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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