Opinions on The CrossFit Games Open

The first thing you need to know about the CrossFit Games Open is that it will take place at the new CrossFit City Houston located in downtown Houston. It was announced last year that the city would host a CrossFit Games event, but no date had been set yet. The venue has already undergone some changes since then. A few months ago, it became known that there would be two events: one open only to members and another open to everyone else. The former event was called the “Open to Members” and the latter event was called the “Open to Everyone”.

In addition, there are plans for a third event which is not part of any of these three. It’s called the “CrossFit Games Open 21”, and it will be held at a different location entirely. There have been rumors going around that it might be held in New York City or even Las Vegas, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

There is still no official announcement from the organizers about what kind of equipment they will use, but based on previous years’ experience with the competition, it seems like they’ll probably go with a similar format. Last year’s Games were held in Colorado Springs, CO where there was a track and field stadium.

So far, there hasn’t been much news about the competitors themselves. Most of them haven’t made their names public yet either. It is possible that they’ll do it closer to the date or even at the last minute. There have been rumors, though, and depending on which ones you believe, there may be some big names in the mix.

It’s worth noting that the list of names are not as impressive as those that took part in past events, which is unusual considering how much CrossFit has grown lately. Maybe it’s a combination of burnout and injury.

Still, there are some notable names that may make an appearance at this year’s event. One of them is Forrest Gump who won the Southeast Regional last year with a broken leg! There’s also Jennifer Paine who made it to the Last Woman Standing round and came in as 3rd place at the Games last year.

Both of these athletes have spoken about their plans to take part in this year’s events. Other notable people in the south region include:

Lena Steinhoff who is a medical student at Tulane University. She won the South Central Regional last year with relative ease.

Tracy Garza, a mother of 2 boys, who hails from El Paso, TX and came in 3rd place in the same regional event.

Patrick Miller from Little Rock, AR is also expected to make an appearance at this year’s event. Patrick is known for his “sarcastic wit.”

Another person who is likely to make a splash is Cecilia Leopard, a 3rd year student at Tulane. She has already made quite a name for herself in the south and there are high hopes that she will bring home the gold.

The West region boasts quite a few notable faces too. One of them is Greg Selleck who should be familiar to anyone who has been following CrossFit for several years now.

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