Pack Your Neck for a Safer Spine and Stronger Swings

Pack your neck!

What is it?

The pack is a device made from two pieces of leather or other material sewn together to form a tight fitting closure around the neck. It was originally designed to hold food in the event of an emergency situation such as a fire, but nowadays packs are used for many purposes including:

• For those who want to look like they’re toughing out their workouts when they go jogging or cycling.

• To keep valuables safe if you lose them in the woods.

• To prevent theft of items in cars.

How do I use it?

You can buy one at most sporting goods stores, or make your own using some old clothing and duct tape. You’ll need to put a few strips of tape over each side of your throat so no air gets into the mouthpiece while you’re exercising (or singing karaoke).

When you feel ready, take the strap off your neck and tie it securely around something sturdy. If you have a carabiner handy, attach it to the strap.

Then get moving!

Can I do this anywhere?

Yes! A good place would be in a park where there’s plenty of space and not too much traffic. Also, try doing this in the shower or bathtub if you have access to one. That way you can also use it for its intended purpose of carrying items around when you get an urge to go outdoors.

What does it do?

The pack is used mainly to strengthen the neck muscles, but it can also be used to tone the respiratory system. You’ll find that after several uses it will become much harder to breath with the pack strapped on, and this can help you in the long run during strenuous activities such as rock climbing or running away from bears.


Try to avoid using it while you’re trying to sing along to songs on the radio. The pack will make it much harder to hit those high notes, and nobody wants that.

If you try this out for long enough, you’ll find that you’re able to remove the pack after several uses. At this point, you’ve built up your endurance!

Does it help?

Yes! It will help you if you’re looking to get into law enforcement, or perhaps you’re just looking to get a stronger neck. You never know when this could save your life, and it’s always good to have an advantage over the bad guys.

Pack Your Neck for a Safer Spine and Stronger Swings - GymFitWorkout

It won’t help if you’re trying to become a famous singer though. Sorry!

What do others say?

Most people say that it’s great for strengthening the neck, but a few have said that they’re not able to use it due to their long hair getting stuck in the straps. This can be fixed by cutting your hair or by not wearing the pack while exercising.

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