Plate Pinches

What are Plate Pinch?

Plate pinch is a type of grip exercise where the hands are placed over the fingers with one hand holding a small object (usually a coin) and the other hand grasping something else. The object held by the right hand is usually larger than that held by left hand. A person can use their thumb or index finger to press down on both objects, which will cause them to move together.

The purpose of using two different objects is to increase the range of motion and strength in your pinch grip. The smaller object can be used to control the larger object if needed.

Benefits of Plates Pinches:

Strengthens your grip and wrist flexors (muscles around wrists). Strengthens your forearm extensors (muscles around elbows), which helps you perform various tasks such as opening jars, lifting heavy things, etc.

Increases your ability to lift and manipulate objects. Improves your dexterity and speed when performing tasks involving fine motor skills such as writing, drawing, typing, etc. Helps you to improve your balance and coordination while doing many activities like driving a car or operating machinery.

How do I Perform Plate Pinches?

There are several ways to perform plate pinches including:

Holding a small object in each hand. For example, holding two small coins or washers with your fingers.

Holding one object with both hands. For example, holding a large coin or weight between your hands using your fingers and palms.

Which are the Different Types of Plate Pinches?

There are many different types and variations of plate pinches. Here are the most common:

Plate Pinch between Your Hands

This is the most common type of plate pinch and requires two hands to perform.

Hold one weight or item in each hand and position them so that your fingers and palms are touching the weights/items. Gently move your hands together while keeping your fingers and palms in contact with the weights/items.

Hold for time or until you can no longer hold the weights together.

It is helpful to practice rolling your hands from side to side while keeping the weights stationary. This helps to engage your forearms and increases the challenge of the exercise.

Plate Pinches - Picture

Plate Pinch Using a Barbell

This type of plate pinch is also performed with two hands. It requires a barbell and weights.

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