Pregnant Athlete Journal, Week 10: Happy Baby Heartbeat

Pregnancy Week 10: Happy Baby Heartbeat

Week 10 is a very special time for most women. It’s when your body starts to produce hormones which are essential for healthy development of the fetus. Your uterus begins to grow and your cervix opens up (the opening where the baby will enter).

You may feel some cramps during this period, but they’re not dangerous and usually go away within a few hours or days.

You might have other signs too. For example, you might experience heavy bleeding from your nipples, vaginal discharge or spotting between periods. These are all normal signs of pregnancy and don’t necessarily mean anything bad is going to happen to you.

If these things bother you, then it means that something else is wrong with your health and needs attention!

What does the ultrasound reveal?

The ultrasound scan reveals many interesting facts about your unborn child. It shows the shape and size of your baby. Ultrasound scans are useful because they show details about the anatomy of the developing fetus without having to open up your abdomen.

Your baby’s head is still small and round, but its eyes are set in a little higher position than usual so that it looks bigger in the picture. Its nose is wide apart and its mouth is slightly opened. You can see its chest is still quite flat.

The arms and legs are short and nearly the same size as its body.

Our baby’s body has developed to a great extent and it has grown quite a bit in size during this week too. It’s about 2.3 cm long from head to bottom.

You might not be able to see any obvious signs of pregnancy yet, but your baby has been producing some important substances within his or her body over the last few weeks. For example, it’s now been producing a substance called ‘urine’ but its kidneys aren’t fully developed yet.

Your baby has been swallowing too and its throat is fully formed, but the digestive system is still not working at this point. Your baby takes up most of the room in your abdomen but it’s still not as big as a banana yet!

What now?

The next few weeks are very important for you and your baby. Your baby is going to start moving a lot more and you’ll be able to feel it move around. This is a very good sign because it means that your baby’s body is developing properly and that there aren’t any problems.

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You’ll also be able to see your baby’s physical features more clearly at this point. Your baby is going to keep growing and gaining weight rapidly as it starts storing lots of fats in its body for future use. You’ll be able to see the development of vital organs such as the heart and brain.

And if you think that your baby’s body can’t get any more complex, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that it can! The skin is still thin and transparent at this point, but it’s covering a well-defined body. The arms and legs are longer than they were last week.

The fingers and toes are also starting to look more like fingers and toes now too.

The baby can’t really do much on its own yet, but it can respond to loud sounds by moving its arms and legs a bit. It can’t turn away from bright lights either. The baby’s arms can bend at the elbow now and its legs can bend at the knee.

It’s not really possible to guess the baby’s gender yet, but you can start getting an idea of what the baby will look like when it’s born. The facial features are starting to take shape now and you can see that the eyes will be placed on the sides of its head. Its ears are low on its head and the mouth is formed like an ‘O’ shape.

Its skin is still quite dark in color, just like yours.

All in all, your baby is healthy and it’s developing properly. You shouldn’t worry too much at this point and you’ll get through the final weeks of your pregnancy knowing that everything is going to be okay.

Now just one more question – Are you finding this whole experience as fascinating as I am?

I can’t wait to meet our baby!

Entry 5

Things are definitely starting to get a bit uncomfortable now. Your baby is active most of the time now and you can feel it moving around all the time. You might feel that you’re carrying more weight on your belly and lower back now.

Pregnant Athlete Journal, Week 10: Happy Baby Heartbeat - GymFitWorkout

The size of the baby means that the size of your uterus has already gotten quite large. This can cause your abdominal muscles to stretch to the point where they can’t snap back as quickly.

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