Pregnant Athlete Journal, Week 16: My Chat with Bryan Kest

Pregnancy and Yoga: A Conversation with Bryan Kest

by PregnantAthleteJournal

The last time I saw Bryan was during my first week of pregnancy. He had just moved into our apartment complex and we were having dinner together after work one night. He introduced me to his girlfriend, a girl named Jennifer. She seemed nice enough, but I didn’t really have any feelings for her. Bryan was very friendly towards me though, so I decided to hang out with him again later that day.

After eating dinner at his place, we went back home where he showed me how to do some poses and then asked if he could take pictures of me doing them.

At the time it wasn’t like I thought anything of it; after all, why shouldn’t he?

After all, he was my boyfriend!

I remember thinking that it would probably be weird if he took photos of me while I was sleeping or something. But when I woke up the next morning, there they were…and they looked pretty good too. So I figured maybe it wouldn’t bother anyone if we kept taking pictures together. (Though now that I think about it, maybe it did. I don’t know.

It’s all just so hard to remember now)

The next time I saw him was a month later. He had gotten a book deal for his photos, and wanted to do an entire coffee table book of them. He didn’t want to use any of the poses that we had done before, so we went out for a few hours that day and did some more shooting. When he started taking pictures up my dress though, I got really creeped out. I told him he better never do that again, but he just laughed it off.

He really liked to laugh a lot.

Pregnant Athlete Journal, Week 16: My Chat with Bryan Kest - | Gym Fit Workout

We didn’t shoot any more photos together after that, but it’s not like it mattered since we had already taken enough for his book.

I still see him from time to time; he lives in the same apartment building as me now. He has a boyfriend now too, just like me. I think his name is Nick. He seems really nice, just like Jennifer.

Yes, things are going well with me and Nick. We’re talking about getting married and having children together after we get settled in our new apartment.

It’s all happening so fast, but I guess sometimes that’s just how these things go, right?

Anyway, I’ve got to go now. I’m supposed to be helping Nick set up for his exhibition tonight. It should be fun! I’ll see you around!

Your friend,


The above is an accurate description of your relationship with this man. However, should you choose to share it with the police, they will dismiss it as the delusional rantings of a woman suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

You have chosen to share it with no one.

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