Prevention and Treatment of IT Band Syndrome

Prevention and Treatment of IT Band Syndrome

IT band syndrome is a common problem among individuals who are active in sports. There are many different causes which may lead to it. However, there are some things which can be done to reduce its effects. Here we will give you the tips on prevention and treatment of IT band syndrome.

How To Prevent IT Band Syndrome?

1) Avoiding Overactive Knees:

It is very important to avoid overstretching your knees. You should not do any kind of activities such as running or jumping when you have knee pain. If you are going to run, then make sure that you keep your legs straight and don’t bend them too much. Also, if you are going to jump, then make sure that you keep your body straight and don’t bend it too much.

2) Avoiding High Knee Shoes:

High heels can cause ankle sprains. Therefore, avoid wearing high heel shoes while exercising. If you wear these kinds of shoes, then take off them after exercise and stretch your ankles before putting them back on again. Make sure that your feet are flat when walking around the house or doing other household chores.

3) Avoiding Sleeping With Your Legs Bent:

You should not sleep with your legs bent. It is better if you sleep with your legs stretched straight out. This will help to stop IT band syndrome from becoming a problem. However, if you feel pain in one leg and cannot stretch it out straight, then you should put a pillow under it to take the pressure off.

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