Product Review: 2POOD Black Metcon Training Belt

Product Review: 2POOD Black Metcon Training Belt

2pood Metcon Belt Description:

The product name “Black Metcon” is a reference to the color of the metal used in its construction. It’s not just another black belt. Its purpose is to provide maximum protection while training with no added bulk or cost. You’ll notice it has a soft touch finish, which means it won’t scratch your clothing or skin when you’re wearing it.

How Does It Fit?

It fits like any other regular belt. However, because it’s made from a special material, it provides better support than most belts. If you’ve ever tried to train without one before, you’ll understand why we chose this material. There are two different sizes available – Small (S) and Medium (M). They both fit a standard belt size.

What Is It Made Of?

Steel. No plastic here! It’s a high quality steel, so it will last for years to come. And if you need to replace it, there are no extra costs associated with doing so. That makes it ideal for use during training sessions where you want the best possible protection without having to spend too much money on something else.

Why Should I Buy This?

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider this belt. It’s more than just a regular weight belt that doesn’t offer the same kind of protection as this one does. It’s also not meant for powerlifting or anything similar to that. It’s meant for people who want to increase their weight lifting performance and build muscle mass more rapidly. With this belt, you can expect a stronger midsection that will help you avoid injuries during your routine.

Lifters who use weightlifting belts have an increased ability to save their strength and prevent their core muscles from tiring out. If you’re sick of having weak abs and want to get more benefit out of your sessions, this is the kind of belt you’ll want to own. Combine it with other weight lifting equipment and you’ll see faster results than ever.

What We Liked Most About It:

This belt has a sleek design without any unnecessary bulk. We also liked the fact that it’s made from a sturdy metal that won’t bend or break with extended use. The newer material used in its design is great because it prevents scratches and tears while being worn.

What We Like:

Metal construction

Soft touch finish

Plain black belt

Anti-friction pads

What We Don’t Like:

Product Review: 2POOD Black Metcon Training Belt - gym fit workout

It doesn’t come in other colors.

Why not camo?

2. Harbinger Vulcan Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger weight belt is one of the most popular belt on the market, thanks to its solid construction and reasonable price for any lifter on a budget. The belt is 1.5 inches wide, so it’s not as wide as some of the other belts out there, but the company has designed it to fit any size. The interior is covered with a series of raised bumps that make it easy to cinch the belt down to your preferred tightness. It’s designed to fit waists between 26 and 46 inches, so almost any lifter can use this belt.

What We Like:


Solid construction

Comfortable fit

Durable leather

What Can Be Improved:

Product Review: 2POOD Black Metcon Training Belt - Image

Some users complain that the belt has an odor that is difficult to get rid of. You can expect this from most belts that are made with real leather, though, so you’ll have to air it out for a few weeks before using it.

The Verdict:

If you’re looking for a weightlifting belt that won’t break the bank, then you can’t go wrong with the Harbinger Vulcan Weightlifting Belt. It’s made from durable leather that should last for years and it has a solid 1.5-inch width. If you’re on a tighter budget, then this is the best weight belt for you.

Width: 1.

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