Product Review: About Time Whey Protein

Product Review: About Time Whey Protein

About Time Whey Protein is a vegan protein powder which contains whey isolate, casein, and other ingredients. This product is manufactured by a company called “AquaBounty Technologies”. The company was founded in 1999 and it’s headquarters are located in San Diego California USA. AquaBounty Technologies was established to develop new technologies for the production of genetically engineered organisms (GMO) such as salmon or sea urchins.

According to the company’s website, they have received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their GM fish. They are currently working on developing GM algae for food and feed purposes.

The main purpose of this product is to provide a source of high quality protein without any animal products. The product contains no gluten, dairy, soy, tree nuts or wheat. It does not contain artificial colors or flavors either.

Product Review: About Time Whey Protein is available in two different types. One type is called “Classic” and the other one is called “Deluxe”. The Classic version contains only whey protein concentrate, while the Deluxe version contains both casein and whey proteins. Both versions of this product are made with plant based milk solids and non-GMO corn starch.

These two types are available in several different flavors. The regular version of the product contains only natural cocoa and natural vanilla flavors. Although there are no artificial sweeteners in this product, it does contain Stevia, which is an herbal plant known to have a sweet taste. This is the main ingredient that makes the texture of this product creamy.

A word of caution for people with an allergy to gum (like sorbitol or xylitol) might want to avoid this product.

The Deluxe version of this product also contains whey concentrate and isolate in addition to casein and the natural flavors. Because of the additional ingredients, this type of the product has a bit of a different flavor profile than the standard version. The most popular flavor is Vanilla. The main ingredient that gives this flavor its taste is actually sugar (which is not healthy).

Another popular flavor is Double Chocolate, which also contains sugar and cocoa. Some other flavors in this product line include Orange Cream, Rich Chocolate, and Strawberry.

Other ingredients that are included in the About Time line of products are sunflower lecithin, cellulose powder, and guar gum.

Even though this is a high quality source of protein, keep in mind that it has a lot of calories and carbohydrates. There are 200 calories and 32 grams of carbohydrates in each scoop of this product. There are 12 grams of fat in each scoop as well. One of the best things about this product is that it provides your body with essential branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine).

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The biggest concern we have with this product is the high amount of carbohydrates. There are so many better options out there which do not contain all of the added sugars and carbohydrates found in this one.

Another concern with this product is the quality of the whey concentrate and isolate used in it. When whey protein concentrate and isolate are manufactured, they are usually produced through acid precipitation methods. During these methods, there are still some micro and macro elements that remain in the final product. These include heavy metal substances (like mercury) and other toxins.

This product also comes with an extremely high price tag, which is expected due to its high quality. The cost of each bag is usually around $80.00, which comes out to about $0.93 per serving.

There are much better products out there in terms of quality and price that you can buy. We recommend that you look into one of them instead.

About Time Protein Reviews

The taste is great and mixes well. I like to mix it with pb2 for a peanut butter flavor and mix it in juice for a flavor boost. It does what it says, but at a very high cost.This stuff is amazing, although the price is quite extravagant.

I recommend the Double Chocolate flavor.

About Time is a high-end product that can be a little too rich for most people. Unless you have the money to spend on this fairly expensive powder, I would recommend that you look into some of the other protein powder products that are more reasonably priced.

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