Product Review: BlenderBottle ProStak

Blender Bottle ProStak 2-Pack

Product Review: BlenderBottle ProStak is a product which is designed to make your life easier when it comes to blending liquids or gels. It allows you to blend liquid ingredients with ease without having to worry about the mess created by other methods. You don’t have to spend time cleaning up after each batch; you just need only fill it up and start blending!

The blender bottle prostak 2-pack includes two different types of bottles: one is a standard blender bottle, while the other is a smaller squeeze bottle. Both are made from plastic and come in various sizes so you can choose the right size for your needs.

You will get a set of both bottles plus instructions and tips on how to use them properly.

How To Use Blender Bottle ProStak?

1. Fill the blender bottle prostak 2-pack with desired amount of liquid (liquid is optional).

Then, turn on the machine and wait until it starts blending. If you want to add additional ingredients such as fruit juice or sugar, simply press the button to do so. When finished, you can drink your blended beverage immediately or store it in the blender bottle prostak for later use.

2. To store your beverage, press the button to lock the blade and move it to the side.

This will allow you to pour your beverage into a different container for storage.

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3. To wash, place the flip caps (that cover the blades) inside the bottle and run warm water through it.

Clean with soap or dishwasher as needed.

What People Are Saying About Blender Bottle ProStak?

The large number of reviews for this product on Amazon are generally positive. Many users note that the BlenderBottle is very easy to use and cleans up quickly. One common complaint is that the bottle itself doesn’t stand up well if you fill it with only water or juice, but this can be solved by placing it in the freezer first so it stays firm while you drink. Others say they have yet to find a problem with it.

The major complaint for this product is quality control; some users report receiving a bottle that leaks or breaks immediately, while others say they received a product that didn’t work from the beginning. Most of these negative reviews say that the company was quick to offer replacements and refunds, so the issue may have more to do with shipping than the actual product itself.

What’s Good About Blender Bottle ProStak?

Highly portable design makes it easy to blend on the go.

It is easy to use and easy to clean.

The bottle comes in a 2-pack so you can keep one bottle at home and one in your bag.

It’s affordable, especially when compared to other products with similar features.

What’s Not So Good About Blender Bottle ProStak?

Some users have received products that did not work at all.

The bottle does not stand up when filled completely with liquid.


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