Product Review: GoStak from BlenderBottle

Blender Bottle Pro – How it Works?

The blender bottle pro is a new product that was introduced in 2012. It is made of plastic and has a screw top. It comes with two different types of blades: one blade for food and another one for liquids. You can use them separately or combine them into a single blend. There are various sizes available for each type of liquid. The blender bottle pro can be used for blending fruit juices, milk, coffee, tea and other beverages.

How Does It Work?

The blender bottle pro works like this: You put your desired amount of liquid into the bottom of the bottle. Then you place the blade on top of the liquid and turn it clockwise until all liquid is blended together. Then you remove the blade and pour out what remains in the glass container.

It’s Easy!

You just need to fill up the bottle with the desired amount of liquid and then turn it over so that the blade is facing down. Then you simply turn it counterclockwise until all liquid is blended together. The bottle will automatically stop when you’re done.

You can even add ice cubes if you want to make it colder. Once again, there are several sizes available for each type of liquid. It’s a great way to make sure you have the right size container for your favorite drink. The container will also fit in most car cup holders!

BlenderBottle Pro vs BlenderBottle

The BlenderBottle pro has the same functionality as the traditional BlenderBottle, but it is made of stronger plastic and is slightly wider at the base. These changes were made due to consumer requests. The new design is more durable and can stand up to dishwashers and the abuse of children.

It also stays cleaner with no unsightly water stains inside the bottle, even if you accidentally leave it on the side while drinking! It’s perfect for people who are always on the go!

BlenderBottle Pro vs Other Brands

Product Review: GoStak from BlenderBottle - from our website

The BlenderBottle pro is not like other brands. It is the original shake ‘n’ go bottle that started the industry! It is the only brand made of shatterproof plastic, which is safe for children and comes with a No Leak guarantee.

Unlike other wide-mouth bottles, the BlenderBottle pro has a narrow neck to prevent dripping and allow for easy drinking. It also comes with a Free Ebook that includes great recipes like: Green Power Smoothie, Cappuccino Delight, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and more!

How Does the BlenderBottle Pro Work?

The BlenderBottle pro works like a professional grade bottle! You just put your desired amount of ingredients into the bottle, screw on the blade attachment, turn it clockwise until all the ingredients have combined, then remove the blade attachment and drink from the spout! It is that easy!

What Type of Shakes Can I Make?

The BlenderBottle pro allows you to make a wide array of different types of shakes. You can make everything from creamy chocolate milkshakes to delicious fruit smoothies! The possibilities are endless!

What is the BlenderBall?

The BlenderBall is an important part of the BlenderBottle pro. The stainless steel ball rotates within the Bottle, agitating ingredients and breaking down fibres for a thoroughly blended solution. The BlenderBall also holds the cap tightly in place to prevent leaks.

Is the BlenderBottle Pro Safe to Use?

The BlenderBottle pro is made of Non-Toxic plastic, durable enough to with stand the daily abuse of your gym bag, backpack or pocket. The Lid and Blade are made of Stainless Steel and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. All parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Does the BlenderBottle Pro come in Different Sizes?

The BlenderBottle pro is available in 20oz and 28oz.

What is the Difference Between the BlenderBottle and Other Brands?

The BlenderBottle is the only bottle available with a patented, replaceable, removable ring designed for easy blending. The ring fits between the blade and the bottle, eliminating unnecessary surfaces contact. This reduces friction and heat, ensuring your drinks stay cool and providing a protective layer between the blade and the bottle. This engineering innovation eliminates the need for an extra piece to push and pull, which means there is no additional parts to wash, lose, or replace.

Does the BlenderBottle Pro Come With Multiple Blades?

The BlenderBottle pro comes with one blade that is designed to easily chop ice and other hard ingredients.

What is the Best Way to Clean the BlenderBottle?

The BlenderBottle pro is dishwasher safe. We also always recommend hand washing to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned.

Does the BlenderBottle Pro Have a Warranty or Guarantee?

Yes! The BlenderBottle pro comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Will the BlenderBottle Pro FallThrough the Cracks of My Cup Holder?

The BlenderBottle pro is designed to fit through the cup holders of most cars, trains, and planes.

Can I Use the BlenderBottle Pro for More Than Just Shakes?

Yes! The BlenderBottle pro can be used for more than just shakes. You can use it to mix pancake batter, eggs, or even desserts! It’s great for non-liquid foods too!

Can I Use the BlenderBottle pro With Hot Liquids?

Yes! The BlenderBottle pro can be used to mix hot liquids. The stainless steel interior and plastic exterior keep the bottle from ever getting too hot to touch.

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