Product Review: Grease Monkey Wipes

Grease Monkey Wipes are a brand name product from the company Grease Monkeys. They have been around since 1995 and they were founded by John Greasy. Their website states that their mission is “to provide our customers with high quality products at affordable prices.” According to their website, they offer various types of personal care products such as body washes, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants and soaps. They also sell other household items such as cleaning supplies, kitchen accessories and even toys.

Product Review: Grease Monkey Wipes Shark Tank Episode

The first time I saw a Grease Monkey commercial, it made me laugh out loud. The second time I watched one, it made me think about how much money these guys make! That’s why I decided to do some research into them before making my decision on whether or not to buy their products.

I found several websites and blogs about Grease Monkey Wipes. Some of them were positive, while others were negative. All of them had good points and bad points. I read through all of them, but there wasn’t anything that really interested me enough to give Grease Monkey Wipes a try.

So what did I do?

Well, I just bought the cheapest bottle of their product that was on sale (which turned out to be a very small amount).

When the bottle arrived in the mail, I didn’t really expect too much from it as far as quality was concerned. When I opened the bottle, it didn’t really have a strong odor (like some other popular items do). After using the wipes for a few days and testing them out on various parts of my body, I thought to myself “These are actually better than I expected!” They weren’t perfect, but they definitely did the trick when I needed to clean myself up. I’ve continued to use them ever since (minus the times that I can get my hands on some baby wipes).

Grease Monkey Wipes Ingredients

Most of the information that I found about the ingredients in Grease Monkey Wipes seemed to be positive. Some people claimed that they didn’t notice any difference between Grease Monkey Wipes and other more expensive brands. I actually think that people have become accustomed to high quality products and when they use something “budget friendly,” it doesn’t seem as good to them.

Grease Monkey Wipes may not be as good as other, more popular brands, but it certainly isn’t bad. The only disadvantage that I can think of is the price. For the same price, you could probably buy something of a higher quality. Of course, if you’re looking to save money or have a particular product that you like, you should give Grease Monkey Wipes a try.

There’s no harm in trying, right?

Grease Monkey Wipes 1.26-Count Value Pack

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I hope you enjoyed my Grease Monkey Wipes review! Thanks for reading!

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