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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Reviews:

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“I bought this mat after reading all the positive reviews. I was very pleased with my purchase! The material feels great against your skin and it’s easy to clean since there is no seams or corners to catch on things like other mats do. I’m not sure if this would be good for someone with dry/combination skin but I’ve never had any problems with it.”

– Anonymous Customer

“I have been using the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat for about 2 weeks now and so far it works out better than anything else I tried. It’s soft, comfortable, and doesn’t cause me to sweat (which is one of the biggest issues with regular yoga mats). The only thing I don’t like about it is that the top part is made of plastic which scratches easily when you’re moving around. However, this isn’t really a problem because the bottom part is made of a smooth fabric and doesn’t scratch at all. Overall, I think this mat will work well for me.”

– Anonymous Customer

“I just wanted to say how much I love my new Manduka Pro Yoga Mat! It’s super comfy and easy to use. It’s not quite as heavy as I thought it would be, which is a good thing! Can’t wait to try out some of the other cool features this mat has to offer.”

-S.W., Washington

“I love this mat! The sticky part really does help keep you from slipping around during class, and the carrying strap makes it easy to roll up and carry with you without getting your hands dirty or needing to find somewhere to store it. Great product. Don’t know why I didn’t buy one sooner!”

-D.W., New York

“This is by far the best yoga mat I’ve ever had. The non slip material is great for keeping you in place during a hard class and the fact that you don’t even get sweaty hands while using it is great. The mat has a good length to it so you won’t have to worry about constantly trying to keep your feet on the mat. I was hesitant about getting this mat because of the price but it is well worth it.”

-N.C., Oregon

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“The mat is great! It fits perfectly for my height and weight. I don’t feel as if I am slipping at all when doing my poses which help out tremendously. My hands don’t get as sweaty as they did with my old mat either. The carrying strap is also very useful because it keeps the mat rolled up and contained.

It makes it so I can easily carry it around with me anywhere I go.”

-M.S., California

“I’m an older guy trying to stay in shape and this mat is perfect for that. It’s easy on my old bones but it has enough padding that I don’t hurt myself if I fall out of my poses!”

-W.A., Colorado

“I’ve had my mat for about three years now and it’s held up great. I practice every single day and it still looks like I just took it out of the box. The carrying strap makes it easy to roll it up and take with me wherever I go. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

-S.B. New York

“My husband bought this mat for me as a gift and I love it! The non slip material is great because it really keeps me from slipping around during my more rigorous poses. It’s also very easy to clean. I thought the carrying strap would be some cheap add on but its actually made of strong fabric and has no signs of breaking. Great product!”

Product Review: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat - gym fit workout

-M.W. Nevada

“This mat is everything I was looking for! I wanted the comfort of a super thick mat without all the extra weight, and this is definitely it. It keeps me from slipping around during my sweatier sessions and the range of colors choices is great!”

-S.C. Oregon

“This is a quality product. It’s super comfortable and the strap is nice because it makes carrying it around easy.”

-A.F. Minnesota

“This mat is everything I was looking for. The thickness and cushion really make a difference when your joints start to ache. The non slip material keeps me from sliding all over the place when I’m doing sweatier sessions and the carrying strap makes it easy to take with you on the go.”

-M.S. Ohio

“I’m very happy with this product! It fits my needs exactly and is exactly as described.”

-O.W. Kansas

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A pleasant yoga experience begins with the right equipment. Your mat is one of the most important things you need to have an excellent practice, so it’s vital that you invest in a good one.

Should you decide upon a mid-range quality mat or really splurge on a costly one? What exactly are the differences?

Here’s all you need to know about these popular types of yoga mats.

Synthetic Mats:

Product Review: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat - | Gym Fit Workout

If you’re just beginning your practice and aren’t sure if you’ll like it, a cheapie synthetic mat will help you decide. Most of them only cost around $10. These types are bulky, heavy, not supportive, durable, and tend to have a nasty chemical smell. If you don’t like your yoga experience, at least you weren’t out too much money. If you do like it, you’ll probably want to move up to a better quality mat anyway.

The Good: They’re cheap; less than $15 in most cases.

The Bad: They’re heavy, not very durable, not supportive. They’re also made of PVC (think shower curtains) and releases fumes, which is bad for you and the environment. It can also be quite uncomfortable and cause you to slide around during practice, which is not good. If you’re really committed to yoga, you probably won’t want to use one of these for long.

Rubber Mats:

These are a step up from the cheapo synthetic mats. They’re made of natural rubber, which makes them heavier than synthetics but they’re more durable and don’t usually have a smell. They’re a good choice if you don’t have a lot of money but don’t want to waste your time with a cheap mat.

The Good: More durable than cheap synthetics, more comfortable than the average cheapie synthetic. Fairly inexpensive, usually between $20 and $30.

The Bad: They’re heavy, take up a little more space, still made of rubber so you may experience slippage unless you really work at maintaining a steady grip during practice.

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