Product Review: Nabee Socks

Product Review: Nabee Socks

Nabea is a brand name of Japan. They are famous for their high quality products. Their socks are known to be comfortable and warm.

The brand has been around since the year 2000 and they have a wide range of different types of socks available for men, women, children, and babies. There are many different kinds of socks made by them including those with a variety of colors, patterns, prints, designs and styles.

The first thing that you will notice when you open up your package is the size of these socks. These are not ordinary adult sized socks. They are very large in size and they look like they could fit over your head!

You don’t think that there would be anything special about this, but then again, you haven’t seen any other pair of socks quite like these before either. These are definitely some of the largest adult sized sock that you’ve ever seen!

These socks are made from 100% cotton and they feel great on your feet. They are thick enough to keep out the cold, yet soft enough to allow your toes to move freely without feeling constricted or restricted. The material feels nice against your skin and it doesn’t itch at all.

You do notice that these socks have a little bit of stretch in them though which makes them seem a little larger than they actually are. This is definitely a good thing since if they didn’t stretch, they probably wouldn’t fit you at all. You have really wide feet so this is a nice feature that allows them to fit more comfortably on your feet.

In case you’re wondering about the size of these socks, they are marked as one size fits all. The packaging says that they are supposed to fit women’s size 5-9, men’s size 4-8, and kids size 1-4. You have really wide feet though and you usually buy men’s size 11 shoes so you were a little worried when you first saw them that they wouldn’t fit your feet.

Lo and behold though, they fit you perfectly!

The colors of these socks are also a lot brighter than you were expecting. You thought that they would be colored like the dull gray, browns, and blacks that you see in most of the socks in your size in the sock drawers at home, but these are definitely not. They come in many different bright and vibrant colors including (but not limited to) orange, green, blue, yellow, purple, and pink.

You like the color selection and you’re sure that there is going to be a color that will go with any pair of shoes that you may have.

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The bottom of these socks is also very sturdy and well made. The seams are sewn together tightly which is definitely a good thing since if they weren’t, your big feet would probably rip them apart pretty quickly. The bottoms of these socks seem like they should be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear since they are so thick and well made.

The packaging for these socks indicate that they are good for sports, outdoor activities, and just casual wear. You can definitely see yourself wearing a pair while running, during soccer or football practice, or even while going for a walk. Your mom would probably make you take them off though before you went inside the house.

She’s very picky about things like that and would probably say that socks like that are only to be worn outside. You decide that you’re going to do something that you don’t do too often. You’re going to disobey your mother. It isn’t like she’s going to know anyway, and if you’re really careful, she probably won’t ever find out.

You take the new socks and put them away nicely in your sock drawer. You then hide the ugly Christmas socks that your sister gave you so that you don’t have to look at them every time you open the drawer. You feel kind of guilty for doing that to your sister, but you really don’t like the socks that she gave you and you aren’t going to wear them no matter how much she tries to convince you to do so.

You put the socks she gave you in the very back of your sock drawer so you’re not reminded of them every time you open it. You then proceed to take out the new pair of socks and put them on. They fit perfectly.

They’re not too loose and they’re not too tight. They’re just right, and they feel good.

“I’m going to go try these out,” you say to yourself as you head out of your room and downstairs. You aren’t quite sure what you’re going to be doing with the socks, but you know that you’re going to be doing something fun because these socks feel great!

You come downstairs and your mom asks you where you’re going. You tell her that you’re going to go outside and shoot some hoops.

“Make sure you put on a jacket,” she tells you. You know that she doesn’t want you to get a sunburn and end up sick because sometimes ignorance can lead to carelessness.

You finish putting on your jacket and head outside. Although it’s a little chilly, you don’t really feel the cold anyway, so the jacket is just a formality more than anything. You go over to where you usually shoot your hoops and begin to play by yourself.

Since no one is around to impress, you start doing a lot of fancy tricks and stunts. It’s great! You love showing off! After an hour or so of doing that, you head inside because it starts getting too cold for you. You can’t get over how great those socks were. They felt so good and comfortable, they were just perfect!

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The next day, you head downstairs to grab a bite to eat before you go out to play. Right after you eat, your mom tells you that she needs to talk to you for a minute.

“Sure,” you say. “

What’s up?”

You know that voice. It’s the same tone that your mom uses whenever she’s about to reprimand you for something. You’re not sure what you did wrong this time, but you have a feeling that you know what this is about.

“I went to go get the mail earlier,” she begins, “And I saw that the socks that I got you for Christmas were sticking out of your dresser drawer. Now, I know that you know better than to leave your clothes stuffed in the drawer like that.

Are you doing this to purposely disrespect me?”

You have no words.

How can you tell her that the socks she got you are now your favorite pair and you wear them all the time, not the ones she bought?

The ones she bought are sitting buried in the very back of your drawer. You’ve been wearing the other ones for over a month now. They’ve almost completely fallen apart at this point.

“Jack, I’m waiting for an answer,” she says, with that same tone of voice.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” you say, “But I really like the ones you got me. I’ll make sure they don’t show anymore.”

You know that this doesn’t make things better, but it’s all you can say. You don’t want to hurt her feelings. Besides, the other socks really do look kinda stupid.

Why couldn’t she have gotten you these instead?

You go out to play, but the whole time you’re out there, you’re worrying about when you’re going to get into trouble. Sure enough, when you come back in you get a talking to. You try to explain that you really do like the socks, and she just doesn’t understand. It’s not your fault that she can’t pick out good socks for her own son! This only makes her angrier and she grounds you for a month. No TV. No games. No going over to your friends’ houses. Nothing!

Now you’re really upset. Not only do you have to go a whole month without basketball, but also it’s all her fault! If she hadn’t been so stubborn and just bought the right kind in the first place, none of this would be happening.

You’re tempted to just grab the new socks and wear those instead, but you don’t want it to turn into a bigger fight. Sighing, you go to your room and stare at the blank wall.

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At least you’ve got three more pairs at home.

Months pass and it’s finally time for you to get your new allowance. You know what that means. You have three choices:

You can either buy another pair of Cool-Zos, buy another pair of the other kind, or save the money.

What’s going to be better for your future?

Your choice.

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