Product Review: New Balance Performance Duffel

Product Review: New Balance Performance Duffel

New Balance Performance Duffel is a brand name of New Balance footwear, which was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1874. They are one of the oldest athletic shoe manufacturers still operating today. Their shoes have been worn by athletes from all over the world including Olympic medalists such as Michael Phelps , Simone Biles and Mo Farah .

The company’s logo consists of three interlocking N’s with a single line running through them. The N represents New Balance, the B’s represent Boston and the G’s stand for Great Britain.

In 1984, New Balance introduced their first performance running shoe called the “Nike Free” which featured a mesh upper with rubber outsole. Since then they have released several other models including the Nike Air Pegasus and Nike Zoom Streak.

They are known for producing some of the most comfortable running shoes on the market.

Their latest model, the New Balance Performance Duffel Backpack is a packable hiking/running shoe designed to provide maximum protection while maintaining a light weight. 

It features a breathable mesh upper with rubber outsoles and an elastic waist belt for added support. The tongue is made from flexible polyester and it has an adjustable strap closure system that allows you to customize fit. It also has an internal cushioned midsole, molded external heel counter and hard rubber toe cap.

It is available in 8 different sizes ranging from 4 to 13 in 2 width options (normal and wide).

This shoe has a lot of positive reviews online with many satisfied customers claiming that it provides good arch support and grip while keeping you feet feeling light.

Other users complained that there was noticeable wear and tear after just one week of use. While this shoe is cheaper than many other models on the market, it does not seem to be as durable.

Some reviewers even claimed that the rubber was peeling off after just a few months.

Needless to say, you get what you pay for and if you are looking for a shoe that will last you several years then this is not the one for you.

Product Review: New Balance Performance Duffel - GYM FIT WORKOUT

I personally own a pair of these shoes myself and I love how comfortable they are. I have previously owned shoes that were much more expensive but did not provide as much support. While this model does not offer a lot of arch support it is perfect for shorter tasks such as running errands or hiking on short trails.

The one major complaint that I have about the Performance Duffel is that the rubber on the outsoles does not last as long as I would like it to, however, this could be due to the fact that I often use mine for outdoor work and heavy labor.

This is definitely not a shoe for you if you are looking for something that will last you several years as these will only provide you with an excellent temporary solution.

The Performance Duffel is the cheapest shoe on the market but also one of the better quality hiking shoes on the market. It provides more than enough support for most hikers and provides more comfort than some much more expensive models. If you are looking for a cheap pair of shoes that you can use now and throw away later then the Performance duffel from New Balance is perfect for you.

Do you own a pair of New Balance Performance duffel shoes? What are your thoughts on them?

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