Product Review: Rumble Roller

Product Review: Rumble Roller

Rumble Roller is a new product from the company called “Gatorade”. They are trying to create a sports drink with a twist. Their first attempt was called “Cooler” which failed miserably. Since then they have been working hard at creating their own brand name. Recently they released their second product, Rumble Roller.

It is supposed to be a sports drink with some sort of energy booster effect.

The product comes in two flavors, lemon and grapefruit. The flavor descriptions say it contains vitamins C and E, potassium citrate (a natural source of energy), and other ingredients such as amino acids, taurine, glucosamine sulfate (an anti-inflammatory agent) and others. There is no mention of caffeine or sugar content.

There are several reviews online about Rumble Roller. Some of them are positive while others aren’t so much. A few of these reviews are very detailed and thorough. Others don’t go into great detail but rather just make general statements about the product. I think it would be better if there were actual user reviews instead of generic ones like “good”, “okay”, etc.

I am going to share my thoughts on Rumble Roller after reading through all the reviews out there. The company has done a poor job at convincing me that this is a quality sports drink. The reviews are all over the place; while some people like it others hate it. Some people say it has a nasty aftertaste while others don’t notice anything. I can’t tell if this product was released prematurely and needs tweaking before release or if the problem lies in how it is marketed to the customer.

The one thing that stands out to me is the price. It is $2.50 per can and contains only 113 calories. That seems really high for what it has to offer. I could go to my local grocery store and buy a 40oz of soda pop for a dollar and consume more than that in one can.

That’s just ridiculous. The only thing going for this product is the taste, which isn’t even that great.

Do I recommend it?

No, I do not. I can’t see anybody wasting their money on this product. There are other better tasting things you can buy for a dollar that contain more to them than just 113 calories.

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